Should “WandaVision” Get a Second Season?


Emily Paladino

The first season of WandaVision, a Marvel series on Disney Plus, has been extremely popular among viewers, many of whom are hoping a second season is to come.

WandaVision is the first of many Marvel television series to debut on Disney Plus this year. The show recently ended, and fans are itching to know more about what will happen to Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, the protagonist of the hit television showWandaVision needs a second season! 

The show takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Trailers and clips that were released before the series started caused fans to wonder how Vision could be a featured character in the show since he was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The show starts off in a sitcom style, but it gradually incorporates the action sequences viewers are accustomed to seeing in Marvel movies. As the show progresses, it travels through different decades, starting in the 1950s and going all the way to the present day.  

Many questions and fan theories erupted after the show’s epic finale was revealed, one of these questions being: Where did White Vision go? Tyler Hayward, who is the acting director of the SWORD (Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division) organization, wanted to gain control of Vision’s body and use him as a weapon. He could not figure out how to power Vision’s body until he encountered the border, known as the Hex, that Wanda had placed around Westview to keep people from coming in and out. Hayward then used magic from the Hex to power and take control of this new Vision. White Vision appeared in the season finale and had a battle with the other Vision. Then, he disappeared shortly after without an explanation.  

There were many other unanswered questions, but fans will be left in the dark until another season is possibly released or the plot holes are filled in other upcoming movies like Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which will feature Wanda Maximoff. This is a main reason why WandaVision deserves a season twoA second season would clear up confusion and would give another great focus on Wanda since the season finale left her without her family.  

In one of the post-credit scenes, viewers see Wanda reading through the Darkhold, a magical book of spells, and hearing the voices of her children, Billy and Tommy Maximoff. This cliffhanger had many fans wanting to know more, but unfortunately, the mystery will remain until another Marvel project is released. 

Some students feel that the series does not need a second season. Junior Joseph Ingerman chimed in: “No, I do not think WandaVision should get another season. Part of what makes WandaVision a great show is that it is a miniseries. It keeps fans wondering. I think that within the show, everything was said in respect to the larger story of the whole movie with Vision dying.” Senior Tess Rechtweg said, “I feel like [WandaVision] was tired up. Wanda and Vision’s story ended, and there’s really no story to tell anymore. The ending led the viewer to believe that her story will officially tie up in Doctor Strange.” 

A second season of WandaVision would be good opportunity for viewers to see some other characters that may not appear in the upcoming movies. For instance, Agatha Harkness, also known as Agnes, was left imprisoned in the Hex by Wanda. Even though the Hex was taken down, viewers do not know what happened to Agatha, or if she is still in Westview. Juniors Natalie and Katherine Tuosto agreed that they want a second WandaVision season. Katherine commented, “I think WandaVision definitely deserves a second season, but they should only make one if it makes sense in the overall plot.” Natalie agreed: “It would be interesting to continue to follow Wanda and Vision’s story, but they should not make a second season unless it fits into the overall plot.”

Many fans agree that a second season of this series would be great, as long as it is done well. WandaVision deserves a second season.