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Ceglie rehearsing the opening number before the showcase.
Finalist Jack Ceglie Wows the Roger Rees Awards
Dylan Hincken-Kossow, Editor • June 11, 2024

As the curtain falls and the audience rushes to its feet cheering, the crowd’s mind only goes to one name: Jack Ceglie. Junior Jack Ceglie has been involved in a plethora of different plays throughout the years, often featuring as the lead. Ceglie’s...

The Buxton Family smiles for the camera
Lynbrook Baseball Hosts First Annual Benefit Game; Crushes Hewlett
Justin Williams, Managing Editor • June 11, 2024

The Lynbrook baseball program made history on Saturday, Apr. 6 by hosting its first-ever annual benefit game at South Middle’s Don Roth Field, clinching with a victory against the Hewlett Bulldogs.  Aside from a winning home team, the day was filled...

Nora Kane documented her journey at ISEF on the Lynbrook Science Research Programs Class of 2024 Instagram page @lhsrp2024
Nora Kane’s Sojourn to ISEF
Shannon Bludoy, Assistant Editor • June 21, 2024

ISEF: a dream of hundreds of student researchers. Lynbrook was proudly represented by senior Nora Kane at the Regeneron International Science...

The Future of the Teaching Profession
The Future of the Teaching Profession
Paula Rojas-Young, Managing Editor • June 11, 2024

Teaching is a profession that always has, and always will, exist. It is essential to the progression of the human species as a whole. Yet, before...

Prom dress trends at LHS!!!
LHS Prom Dress Trends ‘24
Katy Gottlieb, Online Editor-in-Chief • June 13, 2024

As the school year comes to a close, chatter about prom is prevalent amongst seniors. Here are some of LHS’s favorite prom trends this season. “Brunch”...

Perfect Days Review
"Perfect Days" Review
Cassandra Levinson, Editor-in-Chief • June 11, 2024

Cramped in a small New York City theater on a tepid afternoon during spring break, I sat down to watch renowned German director Wim Wender’s...

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Art courtesy of Madison Watson
Letter from an Editor: A PSA on PDA
Justin Williams, Managing Editor • June 11, 2024

Dear couples of LHS, I speak on behalf of most of the school when I say that nothing ruins the mood faster than looking to your left or right...

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