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“Tsunami Chant” (A Poem)

Noemie Rivera

I’m not a politician, but please

let me advocate for your words 

falling on deaf ears;

I hear you.

Impress upon me your pain,

your suffering.

Transport me into

your world.

I want to help you.


I’m not an artist, but for you

I would create a million paintings

Depicting your suffering.

Your bombed-out dwelling, no longer suitable as a house,

And your decimated village

Should be seen by the world.

The horror

And fear that you must live in…

A painting shall be constructed,

In honor of your once home being destroyed.


I’m not a poet, but

For the innocent war victims and their ramshackle homes

Left broken, utterly beyond repair,

I’d write a poem for them.

I’d carve their pain,

Upon a paper

Preserving it

For decades.

The inflictors had no remorse

For the grave pain they caused.

For it led many to an early grave.


I’m not a historian, but for you

I’d teach the youth about you and your hardships,

In the hopes of history not to repeat itself.

I could hopefully prevent



And the Boston Marathon Bombings.


I’m not a soldier, or a world leader,

But I have a heart filled with sympathy

For the victims of war-stricken countries.

But please, let me be part of this tsunami

Of chanting, this chant of revival.


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About the Contributor
Daniella Inserra
Daniella Inserra, Assistant Editor
My name is Daniella Inserra. I am a member of the Class of 2026 and sports editor for Horizon. I am also an active member of Key Club, S.K.I.P club, Varsity club, and Speech and Debate club. In my free time, I enjoy writing, playing sports, and socializing with my friends.