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Meet the 23’-24’ Lynbrook Kickline Team

Alexis Raynor

This school year, the varsity and junior varsity kickline teams were combined to augment the team for competition season. Coached by Stacy Benson and Daniella Goodwin, the 45-member team has devoted numerous hours in preparation for their upcoming events. 

 All of their competitions are hosted through the Long Island Dance Team Association (LIDTA), with the first having taken place at Commack Middle School on Saturday, Jan. 6. Their second was located at Walt Whitman High School on Saturday, Jan. 27, where the girls would place third in their division. The third and final competition took place on Saturday, Feb. 10 at Northport High School where they also placed third.  

Lynbrook can still look forward to seeing the girls in action at upcoming school events such as Class Night. Read on to hear from the coaches, team captains, and members of LHS’s outstanding kickline team:


 “I have been coaching for 24 years. I started coaching middle school kickline and moved up to varsity and junior varsity five years ago. This season, we are so excited to feature our new team’s routine. It’s difficult with a lot of moving pieces that include kick, pom, jazz, and hip hop. We are so proud of our team for taking on this challenging routine! Fun fact: I started teaching at Marion Street as a teacher’s assistant before I was offered the middle school kickline coaching position in 2000. I was only going to coach for one year.”                                                                      

-Stacey Benson, Coach       


“I’ve been coaching Lynbrook kickline since 2005. Stacy and I have been coaching for 19 seasons. We started coaching middle school together and moved up to varsity and junior varsity in 2019. I’m excited about seeing this team push themselves to the level Stacy and I know they can compete at. We have a lot of talented dancers on the team this year and are coming up to the varsity and junior varsity level. Fun fact: I graduated from Lynbrook in 1999 and was a member of Lynbrook kickline.” 

-Danielle Goodwin, Coach


 “I have danced my entire life, and I loved every second of being on Lynbrook kickline. I am honored to hold a captain position and love leading my team and setting an example for the younger girls. I am excited to finish out my senior year strong and compete at the last two competitions. I am also extremely excited to dance with my team again at my last Class Night.”   

-Alexis Raynor, senior [Team Captain]


 “[I enjoy] getting to compete a few times a year with my best friends and performing at basketball and football games. I am excited to graduate and finish out my senior year and varsity kickline. [Furthermore], I am proud and thrilled to continue my dance journey in college at Rutgers University.”

-Ellyana Frank, senior [Team Captain]


 “My favorite part of being in kickline is practicing with my friends and performing at competitions. I’m looking forward to our last competition, even though it will be bittersweet… My favorite memory is performing at our last Homecoming game.”

– Olivia Pollicino, senior [Team Captain]


“[Kickline is the] best way to incorporate dance with friends. [By] learning new routines, we get to perform while hanging out with [our] best friends. [I] love learning new dances.”

-Addison Di Fiore, sophomore 


“[My favorite part about being in kickline is the] community within it. Everyone understands others’ struggles, especially when it comes to dance. Going out with everyone was always so much fun. My favorite memory is my first competition being a part of LVK.”

-Samantha Martellaro, senior


“I love that the kickline team brings together amazing dancers from all grades. There is such a sense of community, and many of my best friends have come from the kickline team! I’ve been dancing for [more than ten] years, and kickline gives me an opportunity to grow my skills alongside people who are just as passionate as me. My favorite kickline memory actually comes from my sophomore year on the team. The JV team placed thirrd at our first competition of the season, which was the first time that the JV team had placed in competition in eight years!”

-Gianna Longo, junior


“Getting to know girls in different grades and being able to have fun and work hard at the same time has been my favorite part of being in kickline. In the upcoming year, I look forward to gaining more friendships and becoming closer with other girls and being able to help out, especially with the incoming freshmen. I am also excited to learn new choreography and have fun along the way.”

-Sophie Giddings, freshman


“[My favorite parts of being in kickline are] performing at football games and competition season mornings. I’m [also very] excited to learn new choreography!”

-Maya Roditi, freshman


“I love bonding with the team. It’s a great way to make friends in all of the grades. I am excited for our last competition because we have put in a lot of hard work during practice. I am excited to see how we do.”

-Alexa Levine, junior


“I love the girls, and the coaches’ practice is so fun. Competition is so much fun with everyone. I’m excited to do new tricks with what I’m learning in technique class.”

-Julia Quinn, sophomore


“I love spending time with my friends and making new friends from all the grades. I am excited about making new, fun memories with my friends in kickline and hopefully getting more trophies.” 

-Kasey Gaughran, junior 


 “I am excited for the Class Night kickline dance because I get to perform and learn the dance with my best friends. [My favorite memory is] Friendsgiving because everyone gathers around while eating, talking, and bonding with each other.”

-Marissa Schiller, sophomore


“My favorite part of being on kickline is the girls who I love seeing and the football games, which are so much fun. I am excited to learn new tricks and new techniques.”

-Olivia Mazzei, freshman


“I love being able to dance with my school friends. [I am excited for the] Class Night kickline dance.”

-Skylar Wolkoff, freshman


“My favorite part about being on kickline is dancing. I have been dancing since I was three, and can’t wait to do it in college. Getting the opportunity to dance with my friends has been an amazing experience. I’m excited for my last competition. While it is my last, I can’t wait to have that final moment of taking the stage with my teammates, friends, and girls I adore. My favorite kickline memory is definitely my senior year Homecoming. I have been to several Homecomings in the past, but this was surreal. Having my mom there and being called down the field was a moment for the books.”

-Elizabeth Ortiz, senior


     “My favorite part about being in kickline is dancing next to my friends. Seeing them smile while dancing is what makes kickline special. Kickline is one family and always supports each other. I am excited for the Class Night kickline dance. I am also excited for the Memorial Day parade.”

-Averi Taub, sophomore


     “I love hanging out and spending time with my friends. It is never a boring moment in kickline, and I love dancing with everyone. My favorite kickline memory is the Friendsgiving party we have celebrating the seniors and what we are thankful for.”

-Nicole Grillo, sophomore 


     “My favorite part of kickline is the new friends and memories that are made and the fun routines we get to learn. I always look forward to kickline every Tuesday and Thursday night. I’m excited about the new routines we’re going to learn for next year’s competitions.”

-Olivia Pomponio, freshman


     “My favorite part about being in kickline is improving each practice and hanging out with my friends. I’m most excited for our final competition in February and doing our senior year kickline dance at Class Night.”

-Elizabeth Charpentier, senior


     “I’m excited for my senior year being on kickline. [My favorite memory is] being a captain on JV my sophomore year.”

-Peyton Leighley, junior


     “I love dancing and performing with a team, especially at Homecoming and Pep Rally. I can’t wait to keep having more fun experiences with our team and see what next year brings!”

-Julia Palay, sophomore


     “[I love] dancing as a team and helping each other to make us dance better together. I’m excited to learn new skills and put in as much effort as I can.”

-Amanda Ioannou, freshman


 “My favorite part about being in kickline is dancing with others as a team and improving our skills. [My favorite memory is] watching the varsity halftime live performance at Homecoming. I am excited to continue kickline next year.”

-Hana DeSilva, freshman


 “My favorite part is the football games, Homecoming, and being a team. I am excited about my senior year and for my friends to all come up to varsity with me.”

-Sandra Shvartsman, sophomore 


“One of the best parts of competing is right before we go to the floor [when] all the girls pump each other up to send good vibes to our performance. This brings us all closer together and I think makes us perform better too. I look forward to football season every year because our football routines are a lot of fun to perform on the field. My favorite kickline memory is my first Pep Rally with the team my freshman year. Pep Rally is always so much fun, and performing for the school gets us so excited for the football and competition season ahead.”

-Adriana Ciociano, junior


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