Holiday Gatherings: Irresponsible?


Amintta Ragavanis, Editor

The holidays are a time for family and friends to gather, celebrate, and feast. But with nearly 14 million cases of coronavirus in the United States alone, the pandemic has affected how people go about celebrating the  holidays. Social distancing has become the norm, and many restrictions have been put in place to limit the number of people allowed to gather. No matter the occasion, coronavirus will not be generous about it. 

Although families want to gather and celebrate with their loved ones, they risk spreading the virus. “The holidays are meant to be big with friends and family coming over,” said freshman Vanessa Gonzalo. However, I think this year people should be taking precautions and only have small gatherings.”

Social distancing laws should not be tossed away on the holidays just because it is a special occasion. Gathering in large groups and not abiding by the safety protocols is selfish and inconsiderate. Risk of spreading the virus in exchange for one good night is not how any occasion should be celebrated. However, there is no problem with gathering in a small group of people or immediate family while following safety protocols. Junior Alana Renee agrees that gatherings are much safer when people wear masks and socially distance. “As long as everyone feels well and takes the proper precautions, I feel comfortable with people gathering on the holidays,” she shared.

Junior Andrew Director commented, “I think getting together with people this year is irresponsible. People should take the loss of not being with the ones they care about so that everyone’s family can stay safe and healthy, maintaining the ability to celebrate many more Thanksgivings and Christmasses in the future.”

Covid-19 has taken a toll on many families. The more time people spend ignoring the laws, the more the virus will spread, causing more suffering and more time in quarantine. These special occasions should not be a time we pass over, but a time we celebrate them safely.