Thoughts on Amy Coney Barrett’s Policies and Beliefs


Photo by Colin Lloyd from Pexels

Justice Amy Coney Barrett was recently confirmed to the US Supreme Court.

Newly elected Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a distinguished attorney and was a professor at Notre Dame University, which she attended. Over the years, Barrett has attained a nationwide profile for her firm Catholic and conservative viewpoints. Many individuals have openly opposed her opinions on some policies. Worldly issues in which she maintains a strong conservative outlook on include immigration, abortion, and campus sexual assault. Reactions to her beliefs in these matters are indubitably scattered. 

Barrett is an unyielding believer in pro-life policies. All individuals have their own beliefs when it comes to abortion, and most are either pro-life or pro-choice. Many people worry that Barrett’s presence in the court will ultimately overturn the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalizes abortion.

It is important for women, especially young women, to have a choice whether they want to abort or keep their unborn child. For instance, there are many cases of rape worldwide where women, often young women, must birth and keep the child of their rapist; this is damaging, both physically and mentally, to their health. By making abortion illegal, women will not have a choice about what they can do to their own bodies nor can they remove themselves from traumatizing experiences such as rape. Although there is a lot of opposition towards her views on abortion, she pushes to create an act where parents must be informed if their child is having an abortion if they are under the age of 18, and she believes in eventually making abortion illegal.  

Barrett has not been supportive of immigration policies. The government has started many helpful programs to assist immigrants. For instance, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a government program, was created to help legalize immigrants who are undocumented. DACA also protects young immigrants from being deported and provides them with education. In June 2020, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to keep the DACA program. Barrett was not among the judges who supported keeping DACA. This highly contradicts the fact that Barrett adopted two children from Haiti. Although she has two adopted children who are not US citizens, she still rules against helpful immigration policies that protect “aliens,” including individuals from Haiti. What is the purpose in adopting foreign children if Barrett does not support programs that protect them? Some of Barrett’s legal choices and rulings are highly problematic and conflict with choices she has made in her own life.  

Sexual assault is a serious and raging matter, especially on college campuses. Barrett’s views on sexual assault laws are seemingly well received by the public. Last year, Barrett made a ruling that will make it easier for students who are accused of sexual assault to challenge the way their university handles the case. A student from Purdue University may have been wrongly accused of sexual assault since he was a male and the supposed victim accusing him was a female. In Barrett’s ruling, she states that when it comes to sexual assault cases, the suspect should not be wrongfully accused because of his or her sex. She also stated that universities would stop receiving federal funding if they did not stress sexual assault cases. This ruling is completely fair and necessary in our world today. Individuals must be held accountable for their actions, but they should not be wrongfully accused because of their sex. It is also important for universities to focus on sexual assault cases and make sure they handle the manner properly and rightfully. This ruling is a step in the right direction, and now, sexual assault cases at universities can be handled more credibly. 

Amy Coney Barrett has very firm outlooks on many world issues. Though many do not agree with her beliefs, she has stuck with them and is very passionate about trying to make her beliefs a reality. She has very outdated and controversial opinions on abortion and immigration. Her beliefs are sometimes very contradictory to her own life and are unjust, especially her beliefs about immigration. Generally, she is not well received by the public because of her strongly insensitive opinions.