When Is It Too Early for Christmas?

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From the looks of malls, retail stores, and pretty much everywhere around, the beloved holiday known as Christmas has made an appearance earlier than ever before. This year, even before Halloween had ended, Santa’s deadline got cut short, and Christmas started about two months early. The holiday season is no longer beginning the day after Thanksgiving, like it has in years prior. Instead, it is now as though Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all celebrated the same month due to store shelves stocked with Christmas merchandise during the typical Halloween or Thanksgiving season. Most people see the start of December as being the most acceptable time to start preparing, but why not start earlier? Christmas is one of the biggest holidays celebrated worldwide, and it is highly anticipated by most people who wait all year long for that sense of holiday cheer.

These days, stores tend to be marketing Christmas earlier and earlier, but is it really necessary? Junior Jordan Lunati states, “When stores are filled with Christmas decorations and gifts earlier, it helps people get some of their shopping done earlier before the Christmas chaos hits.” Sure, Christmas sales used to start on Black Friday, but having all the discounts and sales advertised earlier gives people even more time to buy presents for their loved ones in advance. In a way, being reminded of Christmas prepares people for the holiday season even more. If you are a gift crammer and always catch yourself running to stores at the last minute, you now have extended time to do so. If a person plans accordingly, he/she can get inexpensive gifts for their his/her ones. More time alloted to organization and preparation will limit the stress surrounding the holiday season and make it even more enjoyable when December finally rolls around.

Seeing the Christmas spirit infiltrate stores and media sooner than usual gives people that joyous feeling they get when the holiday comes around. “Hearing a good Michael Buble song on the radio can only make your day better,” says junior James Trigo. These commercials, advertisements, and radio stations will help people realize that they have something to look forward to. The anticipation of Christmas will push people to work harder in daily activities and work. Junior Kaylin Tephly agrees: “There are so many things to enjoy during the Christmas season, and it is hard to squeeze them all in during the 25 days of December before Christmas!” Whether it is decorating the tree, building gingerbread houses, or even just kicking back and binging a Christmas movie marathon with friends, there are many festivities everyone should get to experience that go along with the cheerful holiday. There is nothing wrong with packing some of these activities in before December comes around.

According to a Confused.com poll (confused.com) entitled “Is November Too Early for Christmas Decorations?” over 86% of people believe November is too early for Christmas decorations and festivities to be occurring. Unless Ebenezer Scrooge or the Grinch participated in the poll, these people surveyed are simply being cynical and attempt to prevent people from participating in something that brings them joy. Junior Ethan Renz stated, “Christmas is the best time of year, and it is never too early to celebrate!” Christmas lifts spirits and puts people into better moods while also bringing people closer together every year. Christmas is a time of love, cheer, and an opportunity to create everlasting memories to forever cherish. Being reminded that Christmas is around the corner will only make people more prepared for the season and feel that great excitement they get when visualizing people coming together to give gifts to family and friends.

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