“Patience & Perseverance”: A Poem

The moon and stars stood still

 over the snow covered ground.

The trees became frozen,

 the soil stopped breathing.

The lucky ones burrowed under blankets of white or wool,

While the blazing fire crackled to cinders.

Its ashes peppered the ground, 

were picked up, and blown away.

The wind stopped; everything was silent.

All quiet on the western front; no signs of life.

The earth’s carcass was draped in a white veil.

But she was not dead.

She was waiting.

Even in the silence, she had something sprouting

Way down below, where the cold couldn’t capture it.

Even while the wind whipped she was waiting for the warmth to march in.

Even in a blizzard, she saw through the snow and ice a miracle; the miracle of new life.

The air became warmer, the wind calmed down, the snow started to melt.

And the flowers began to bloom.