“A Car Window”: A Poem


Courtesy of Pexels

When you look into a car window, 

you get a glimpse into someone else’s life, 

if only for a moment.

You might not know where they’re headed, 

but you see them.

Not the full picture, 

but a glimpse.

A glimpse of the best and 

worst days.

The busy days,

and the days filled with freedom 

to go wherever they want.

And freedom is a powerful thing.

Just like the car powered our nation from the inside, 

freedom has given us access to strength 

previously inaccessible.

A broken taillight, 

a bruised bumper, 

the car still goes on.

A broken heart, 

a bruised body, 

you still go on

if you choose to. 

Life’s full of choices.

Putting the key into the ignition is just one of them.