LHS Students Dress to Impress During Annual Spirit Week and Pep Rally

Wild West Wednesday (Photo courtesy of the SGA Instagram @lynbrooksga)
Holiday-Themed Thursday (Photo courtesy of the SGA Instagram @lynbrooksga)
Green and Gold Friday (Photo courtesy of the SGA Instagram @lynbrooksga)

Each year, the Student Government Association (SGA) organizes a spirit week prior to the football team’s Homecoming game in order to foster a sense of community and excitement. Each day of the week entails dressing up according to set themes; this year, from October 11-14, the halls of LHS were filled with a variety of unique costumes.

For the first day of Spirit Week, “Black Tie Tuesday,” the SGA lined the front entrance with a “red carpet” and gold curtains. Students wore their most formal attire, with many donning prom gowns and tuxedos. 

The following day, students dressed to fit the theme of “Wild West Wednesday.” Senior and SGA President Juliette Bohn shared how this was her favorite day of Spirit Week: “I love how everyone wears cowboy hats and flannels, and so many people dressed up for it.”

Next, for “Holiday-Themed Thursday,” students were free to dress up for a holiday of their choice. Costumes ranged from Santa hats to Batman masks and encompassed a wide range of holidays. 

Finally, students dressed in school colors for the last day of Spirit Week, “Green and Gold Friday.” Green and gold shirts, pants, face paint, tutus, and capes could be found throughout the hallways. 

SGA Vice President and  senior Scarlett Dellacona, feels that in addition to dressing up, decorating the cafeteria for each of the day’s themes was an effective way to bring everyone together. “School spirit is always very high with the decorating,” Dellacona said. “It’s a good opportunity, for the freshmen especially, to get together as a group and decorate and just have a fun night.”

To end the week, periods were shortened on Friday in order to make room for the pep rally, which was hosted by teachers John Cornicello and Jennifer Kramer. At the end of tenth period, students were greeted as they entered the gym with live music from the LHS marching band. After the band played the national anthem, the LHS concert choir performed an original rendition to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” with lyrics written by senior Jaiden Moreno.

After the performance, Cornicello introduced the members of the Queen’s Court: Ryan Benvenuto, Gabrielle Geller, Erin Hynes, Kaelynn O’Brien, Tyla Vuotto, and Sofia Yaker. Kramer then introduced the King’s Court: Max Cordes, Jacob Lunati, Jaiden Moreno, Sean O’Brien, James O’Hara, and Nicholas Pugliese. Then, students excitedly rose from their seats, trying to catch one of the coveted football jerseys being thrown into the crowd.

Following a performance by the varsity cheerleading team, the captains and senior members of LHS’s varsity soccer, tennis, cross country, volleyball, swim, cheerleading, kickline, and football teams introduced themselves. The varsity kickline team, along with the band and color guard, performed as well.

Next, Kramer and Cornicello introduced a new addition to the pep rally: a life-sized version of the game Hungry Hungry Hippos. In it, two members of each grade—one lying down on a scooter, the other pushing the scooter—worked together to collect as many plastic spheres under a laundry hamper as possible. The pep rally concluded after the results of the vote for this year’s Homecoming King and Queen were announced: Max Cordes and Gabrielle Geller, respectively. 

This year’s Spirit Week and pep rally helped to build excitement for the homecoming game. “It’s always a nice opportunity to let the kids let loose a little bit,” said Cornicello of the events. Dellacona agreed: “It really makes people feel very excited.”