Greetings, Mr. Garcia!

Serving as a high school assistant principal is no easy task. From keeping track of student attendance to taking disciplinary measures, the job has nearly endless responsibilities. All within his first few months at LHS, Assistant Principal Bryan Garcia has proven to be up to the challenge.

 Garcia first became interested in education when, at the age of 19, he started working for a group home specializing in adults with developmental disabilities. During his time there, Garcia was responsible for teaching daily living skills, setting specific goals for each resident, and helping improve residents’ overall quality of life. “Over time, I realized I was teaching on a daily basis and decided to go back to school to become either an English or social studies teacher,” Garcia recounted. “Due to my love of reading and writing, becoming an English teacher was a more natural fit.” 

From there, Garica spent most of his education career teaching English at both high school and middle school levels in Queens, the Bronx, and Long Island. He also served as an assistant principal in a Bronx middle school prior to arriving at LHS. Describing the impact of these prior experiences, Garcia emphasized how working in various educational settings has shaped his decision-making skills: “They provided me with unique perspectives from the advantages of the classroom as well as from leadership.” He continued, “I am a teacher at heart, so I approach my role as assistant principal from that point of view and use my administrative knowledge to inform school-wide initiatives.”

Garcia recalled being drawn to working at LHS by its strong performing arts and athletic programs as well as its tight-knit community. “Once I began the interview process and met Mr. Sarosy, Mr. Brescia, and everyone else on the interview panels, I realized LHS was a special place, and I couldn’t wait to roll up my sleeves to see how I could pitch in!” he exclaimed. However, that was not the entire reason behind the job’s appeal. “If I am being totally honest, the main reason I started my job search in the first place was because I was growing weary of crossing the Throgs Neck Bridge and commuting three to four hours daily,” Garcia joked. The commute was just the cherry on top of the already spectacular job sundae, with Garcia commenting on how accepting the position was a “win-win” on many levels. “Since I arrived, everyone here has been super professional and supportive,” he added.

Principal Matthew Sarosy believes Garcia will bring a new perspective to LHS from which everyone can benefit: “He has great energy and a positive outlook that will be felt throughout the school.” Sarosy also knows Garcia will adapt well to the challenges of the assistant principal job, citing Garcia’s empathy and genuine concern for all students. As a former assistant principal, Sarosy advised Garcia to follow the same words of wisdom he was given: “Be true to yourself.”

For English teacher Roseanne Mitchell, Garcia’s arrival at LHS was a reunion with an old friend–the two attended Levittown High School together. “It’s been 30 years since I graduated high school and probably 30 years since I’ve hung out with Mr. Garcia,” she said. “But when I saw we hired Bryan Garcia, I just knew it was him. I was so excited because he was a great guy in high school.” When asked about what makes Garcia great for the position, Mitchell recalled his sense of humor and character: “When I think of Mr. Garcia back in the day, he was hysterical. When I hear his laugh today, it brings me back to the old days. He is fair, has character–I think he has all the great qualities of being a leader.” Mitchell also touched on how Garcia’s “very calm and stoic nature” was needed in a leadership position and how he will work wonders with Sarosy and Assistant Principal Sal Brescia. “I see the three of them, and I see a wonderful synergy among them. I can see how this is going to work out–famously.”