“My Routine”

I yawned as I walked on the pavement

and shivered in the cold air.

I routinely approached the door,

taking a deep breath to prepare.


Every day I walk down the same hallways 

to get to class,

and I talk to the same people

as I pass.


The same people greet me,

smiling when we lock eyes.

They are the ones nice enough, when class ends,

to say their goodbyes.


As I leave for my next class,

looking bored as ever,

I normally listen to music,

but this day was different, however.


While walking down the halls

I hit into someone, quickly apologizing.

But they compliment my outfit instead,

which I thought was quite surprising.


They were nice to me, 

making me smile.

Before they walked away, 

I thought for a while….


This stranger made me realize, not all days are the same.

You are in charge of how it plays out.

It can be boring and routine and sometimes lame,

but a few simple words can turn it about.


A smile, a nod, a comment, or a wave

can sometimes change a heart in a blink.

So next time you see a head that is down, remember,

you can change the way that people think.