Performance Friday: Finn Boyle

Finn Boyle, Grade 12:

I sang “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash with Marisa Hickey. It is about a married couple who seems to have lost the “fire” in their relationship. They want to go to Jackson to help light their fire again with the lively night life.

Q: How did you get started in music? Who are your greatest musical influences?

A: I got started in music from birth, basically. My parents played music a lot while I was younger. I find that I get inspiration for music from several people: Bo Burnham (a comedy musician) and The Decemberists and AJJ (two bands I follow), as well as countless others.

Q: Do you aspire to do anything with music in your future?

A: I would like to do something in my life with music. I personally have found the production very interesting and might want to pursue it after high school.

Q: What is your favorite part about Performance Friday and/or performing in general?

A: I enjoy performing because it is always nice to watch others perform, and I feel like performing at one point or another because the people can give you good feedback.

Q: Do you get nervous to perform in front of people, specifically your peers? How do you quell your nerves?

A: I get nervous before performing, but then I remember that it does not really matter what some people think. As long as you and the people you care about like and enjoy what you do, the other people do not matter.

Q: What do you love most about music? Has music helped you in any way through the pandemic?

A: I love music because it is a very easy outlet to cope with anything going on at the moment. During the pandemic, I have been listening to music non-stop.