Super Bowl LV Predictions


As the final stretch of the NFL season approaches, the playoff picture begins to come together. In a season where football was played on Tuesdays, and teams performed without quarterbacks, the ultimate end goal remains to be winning the Super Bowl in February. Some teams have been chasing perfection and longtime records, while others have been going after higher draft picks. Either way, the race for the Super Bowl will be an interesting one this year.  

Starting in the AFC, two powerhouse squads are looking to make their mark in history.  The Pittsburgh Steelers currently lead the AFC with a perfect 10-0 record. Ranking first in the league in points allowed and fourth in points scored, the Steelers have been elite on both sides, proving to be nearly unstoppable. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has proven that his old-school quarterback style is still efficient with help from his young-stud wide receiver trio. The secondary and front seven is loaded with talent and has forced crucial turnovers to help carry the Steelers to big wins.  Whether this team can pull off a perfect 16-0 season and end with a Super Bowl is still questionable, but it is certainly going to take a lot to slow this team down.  Not very far behind the Steelers are the reigning champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.  Ranked first in the league in passing yards and total yards, the explosive Chiefs offense is all but formidable.  Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is playing at a superstar level, with receiver Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce ranking first and second in receiving yards respectfully. 

Junior Aidan Tessler said, “Mahomes is the most insane quarterback I’ve seen. Kelce won’t drop a pass and Tyreek Hill is the fastest man in the league.” Looking to pick up right where they left off last season, the Chiefs continue to roll over nearly all of their opponents, with defenses unable to find an answer to Andy Reid’s high-speed offensive scheme. “I think the Chiefs are much better than everyone else, even the undefeated Steelers,” said junior Mal Cavassa.  

Another team looking to make some noise this postseason is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are poised to win the AFC East division, which would make them the first team other than the New England Patriots to do so since 2008. Josh Allen has blossomed into the franchise quarterback Sean McDermott wished he would. With the addition of Pro Bowl receiver Stefon Diggs, Allen has performed at a dynamic level this season and has allowed his team to compete with some of the league’s best. The issue with the Bills resides within the lack of postseason experience. The Bills made their first playoff appearance since 1999 last season, and a majority of the roster is inexperienced. Nevertheless, this squad is equipped with the tools to make an impactful postseason run.

In the NFC, many teams are still looking to solidify themselves at the top of the pack.  Currently leading the conference are the New Orleans Saints. After a shaky 1-2 start to their season, with fans questioning their legitimacy, the Saints have been on a hot streak, playing exceptionally well on both sides of the football. Running back Alvin Kamara has been on pace a historic number of scrimmage yards this season. The stout defense, who ranks first in yards allowed and fifth in turnovers, has only been improving throughout this season. A recent injury to quarterback Drew Brees was a brief scare, but the Saint’s are confident that Brees will be healthy and ready to perform come playoff time.  

A team that has had a lot of eyes on them this season has been the Seattle Seahawks.  Quarterback Russel Wilson had an explosive start to the season, emerging as a heavy early favorite to win MVP, although he has slowed his roll since midseason. The Seahawks currently hold the league’s number-one offense, thanks in part to Wilson’s effort and phenomenal play from receivers Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf. What is holding the Seahawks back is their horrendous defensive play, which currently ranks dead last in yards allowed per game. Adding Jamal Adams and Carlos Dunlap was projected to make this defense a force, but injuries have hindered any progress this squad has made.  Nonetheless, the Seahawks have proven this season that they can outscore a bad defense and along with the playoff experience of Wilson and Head Coach Pete Carrol, this team will have its sight set on another championship.  

Yet again in contention for an NFC championship are the Green Bay Packers. After the Packers selected a quarterback in the first round of this year’s draft, Aaron Rodgers was on a mission. He has been balling at an MVP level this season, making the Packers the league’s second-highest scoring team. Despite his “lack of assets” at the receiver position, the Packers will always have a chance as long as Rodgers is in the game. Strong play from this defense can allow the team to make a major splash in the playoffs.

It is never a good postseason without a couple upsets and dark horse teams emerging in the spotlight. From the AFC, the Oakland Raiders could potentially make some noise this postseason. Quarterback Derek Carr has been under-the-radar and efficient this season with an offense that has seen success with emerging young additions. With wins over the Saints and Chiefs, the Raiders have proven that they are capable of competing with the powerhouse teams. They would need to avoid a collapse similar to last season’s, but this team could do some damage if they make it to the postseason. In the NFC, the Arizona Cardinals have shown that they could perform at an elite level. Second year quarterback Kyler Murray has had a noteworthy season, dominating in both the pass and rushing game. “They have a fairly solid defense led by Buddha Baker, and Kyler Murray, who I believe is a top five quarterback right now,” said junior Matt Duch. “Along with Deandre Hopkins, they have Christian Kirk and Kenyan Drake who have been playing well recently,” added Duch. Playing in one of the league’s toughest and most competitive divisions, the Cardinals have delivered in big-time games and could seriously compete for a long playoff run.

It will certainly be an entertaining race to Tampa Bay this postseason. Is this the start of a dynasty? Will a new team claim the throne as kings of the NFL? With the uncertainty this season has brought, no one can know for sure, but it will be an interesting ride to the finish that all fans can enjoy.