My Husband Is a Spy

I have an interesting love story. You see, I thought I was dating and eventually married a normal man with a normal life. But, I couldn’t be farther from the truth! Long ago, I encountered a man named James on a plane (I had absolutely no idea about his little secret). We sat next to each other, and he seemed upset about something. I tried to cheer him up, but he just looked away. When we landed, he instantly got up and rushed out like he was in pursuit of someone, or someone was in pursuit of him. Even though I noticed this madman, I didn’t think much of it; after all, I was here, on vacation. On the third day of my vacation, there was a party, and who did I see? The same man I saw on the plane! He was alone, so I walked up to him, and we started talking; before I knew it, our discussion went from a few minutes to hours. It seemed as if we had known each other for years, even though we had just met. 

A few days later came the end of my trip. Despondently, I got on the airplane, sat down, and looked to my left to find the man who I was talking to. Months later, I had to conduct an upcoming interview for a new job opportunity, and you never could guess who was one of the interviewees–it was the exact man I talked to on my trip. He was just as surprised as I was. He told me he lost his old job and was looking for a temporary job (until he could get another permanent “job,” or spy mission). And with that, the interviewing process commenced. Of course, he got the job. After that, well, things just got better and better. 

We started hanging out more often and we got to know each other, little by little. I wanted to learn as much as I could about him–from coworkers, from friends, and from his family. Our friendship bloomed into love. We tried asking each other out many times. Yet, we were afraid we both didn’t feel that way about each other. Also, we were afraid of ruining our friendship. But, one day (I’m not kidding), we both asked each other out at the same time! We had one of the best dates! It was a picnic date, and it went amazingly. It was like we were meant to be…not that I believe in soulmates or anything. We dated for years, until the special day finally arrived; he asked the big question, and I said, “Yes!” 

So, we got married; just two people with a normal life…right? One day, I was cooking an awesome pot roast in the kitchen, and James walked in like someone was chasing him. He told me to go into the basement and not to come out until he came to get me. My mind was utterly confused. Why? But, regarding his urgency, I did as he asked. I ran down and heard people running and clashing things upstairs. Then, for a moment, you could hear a pin drop. My husband came down to get me, and I was shaking. Although he was a little out of breath, he still tried to calm me down, but I couldn’t hear him and blacked out. In a dreamy state, I wondered if he was part of the secret service–or, even worse, a criminal. Why wouldn’t he tell me?! Part of me–no, ALL OF ME–couldn’t comprehend what was going on! My mind was so distraught while trying to make sense of the situation we were in, and randomly, I remembered, I left the pot roast in the oven! Well, there went dinner, along with the normalcy of our life! Turning my head and trying to get me out of my dazed appearance, he looked me in the eyes and said something that turned my world around.