Lynbrook Volleyball Is Doing Something Special Under the Radar


Sean Strohofer

On September 16th, 2022, the Lynbrook Varsity Volleyball Team Celebrates a Victory Over the Plainedge Red Devils.

During the fall sports season, football and soccer can overshadow the rest. While cross country meets are far away from Lynbrook, there are sports taking place in town that do not get the recognition they deserve. One of those sports is volleyball. When there are home games, most of the seats in the gymnasium are empty. For such an entertaining sport, this should not be the case. The student section should be filled with people having fun while watching the volleyball teams dominate opponents that come into Lynbrook. There should be more fan support for these teams. If you wanted to watch a junior varsity game, you can, as the games are not early in the morning like football, as they are only an hour and a half before varsity will play, with their games being throughout the week.

Volleyball players feel that their games have been a joy to play. Junior Mackenzie Casey enjoys the competition when the games are neck and neck. “It is always so much fun competing with another team that also wants the win so bad,” she said. When the team comes out on top, the girls are pleased with their performance. “We are feeling hopeful that we can finish as one of the top teams in our conference. As a team, we must continue to put in the work at practice so we can see the results when game time comes. The game revolves around teamwork, so it is crucial that we keep supporting one another on and off the court,” added Casey.

When asked about the season, senior Caroline Montine, who is a captain of the squad this year, gave her input regarding what has happened thus far: “Coach has been saying from the beginning of the season for us to have a good mindset. If you do not walk into a game with a good mindset, you are not going to be at your full potential.”

The job of a captain is a large one. But throughout the season, both seniors Montine and Brianna Rolon have fulfilled their duties. “It is important to me that we all remember to build each other up and not bring each other down. I want everyone to feel like she has a place on this team both on and off the court,” said Rolon. Both captains have tried to have the team keep a positive mindset, as they believe it benefits their performance. “There is no reason for bad energy because it brings down the whole team,” Montine stated.

The teams have played their final games of the season. The junior varsity team went 11-3 throughout their season, with varsity not far behind at 10-4. Heading to JFK Bellmore for a playoff matchup against the Cougars, the Owls would play their last game, losing in a win-or-go-home match to end their season.

However, the future does look bright for Lynbrook volleyball. The Class of 2024 showed some great skill throughout the season, and the Class of 2025 has some great athletes that can be exciting to watch. The team for next season should not be slept on, and they will need all the support they can get.