Performance Friday: Victoria Donovan

Victoria Donovan, Grade 12:

I am singing “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri. It is about an ex-couple where one person keeps leaving, and it is playing with the other’s heart.

Q: How did you get started in music? Who are your greatest musical influences?

A: My dad is a musician, so I have been around music and singing for as long as I can remember. My greatest musical influences are Adele and my dad.

Q: Do you aspire to do anything with music in your future?

A: I would love to keep some part of music in my life. I want to work at a smaller theater place, like Plaza Theatrical, and teach little kids.

Q: What is your favorite part about Performance Friday and/or performing in general?

A: Performance Friday is a great experience to help gain confidence and experience.

Q: Do you get nervous to perform in front of people, specifically your peers? How do you quell your nerves?

A: If I am alone, I tend to get way more nervous. Usually, the first performance is the hardest, and my nerves tend to go down after that. To help my nerves, I usually ask my friends for a pep talk and take as many deep breaths as I can.

Q: What do you love most about music? Has music helped you in any way through the pandemic?

A: Music is a great way to express things that are hard to put into words. I love being able to get my frustrations out by singing. Music helped me through the pandemic by allowing me to listen to what I was feeling. By listening to a sad song when I am sad, I feel so much better, and I feel like my feelings are valid.