QAnon: The Dangers of Conspiracies


Photo by Kevin Mach from Pexels

QAnon is a popular right-wing conspiracy theory. What are the risks of these conspiracy groups?

Most people have heard many different conspiracy theories with several different topics, levels of believability, and amounts of evidence. Many believe some of these conspiracy theories, whether it be for fun or in seriousness. However, not all conspiracies are harmless. Some conspiracy theories get out of control, and they gain a following that is overly dedicated to proving their outlandish idea to be true. One extreme example of this is QAnon.

The QAnon conspiracy theories have been around for a while, existing mainly on the right wing of politics. Due to the string of unfortunate events that occurred in 2020, the group has become mainstream. QAnon exists on the right-wing, conservative side of politics, although not many go as far as to believe the conspiracy theories QAnon creates. Currently, some of the group’s focuses include discrediting COVID-19 and proving the pandemic to be fake, the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests it sparked, and the former Donald Trump presidency. With these relevant topics, many have joined the harmful group.

What is so harmful about these theories? According to the New York Times, “QAnon is the umbrella term for a set of Internet conspiracy theories that allege, falsely, that the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles.” QAnon followers believe that some of these people could include well-known Democrats such as President Joe Biden, former-President Barrack Obama, and former First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton. Celebrities and other well-known figures are not safe from the accusations either, as QAnon supporters believe many famous figures like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and Pope Francis (yes, you heard that right–the Pope–allegedly worships Satan) could also be involved in the cabal. According to ABC News, many members of the dangerous group were caught at the Capitol raid on Jan. 6, and many have been charged with horrendous crimes such as kidnapping and plots of assassination. In late January, the Department of Homeland Security issued a terrorism bulletin that included lists of groups that were becoming increasingly violent, and QAnon was among the many groups listed.

QAnon feeds off of attention. Social media in particular has been a gateway for the group to expand and grow, with members and affiliates posting about it on social media websites. The conspiracy theory was first shared on an online message board called 4chan that has been commonly known as a space for hateful messages. According to the New York Times, an anonymous account labeled the “Q clearance patriot” first posted about the conspiracy in October 2017. These posts continue to be made and bring about controversy, and more people continue to join the group. QAnon members also believe that former president Trump will expose all of these famous figures for “who they really are” and “save them” in an event called “the storm.” Member of QAnon have committed and attempted many crimes citing motives such as, “Trump told [them] to,” or “[They] were helping Trump.”

With the growing popularity that QAnon has risen to over the past year, it is necessary for people to wake up and realize that what is going on with this insane theory is 100% false. QAnon has no real evidence to prove its theories. All of the group’s baseless allegations and theories have nothing to do with the real world; they are instead about a made-up world they want to live in. Some believers of these theories must finally accept the defeat of former-President Trump and accept the fact that the current president is Joe Biden; others need to stop feeding into and being influenced by Facebook message boards that are only there to instill fear into vulnerable users. Overall, QAnon is the result of fear-mongering conspiracy theorists who have too much time on their hands. Once controversial issues stop presenting themselves, QAnon loses its power. After all, even the most well-known things die out after a while.