100 Year Anniversary of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points

Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points aided negotiations after World War I, which concluded a century ago.

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Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points aided negotiations after World War I, which concluded a century ago.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, issued a statement that contained principles of peace used to form negotiations that aided the end of World War I. The well-known principles, known as The Fourteen Points, were moral guidelines to keep stable, long-lasting peace worldwide. Wilson gave the speech to Congress that outlined the points on Jan. 8, 1918, forever changing history. Wilson intended to have achieved tranquility internationally. Wilson was, however, idealistic, so some of his views were unachievable. Though it was not feasible, it still displayed his hard work  in regards to reaching world peace. Junior Tyler Abate mentioned, “His effort to try and fix the remaining damage from WWI showed good qualities in a president.”  Now a hundred years later, it is the anniversary of when the speech was first given.

Wilson’s speech incorporated domestic ideas and formed them to apply to foreign policy. Throughout the speech, Wilson addressed what he felt began the war and suggested the abolition of secret treaties, a decrease in armaments, an alteration regarding colonial claims, and freedom of the seas.

Friction after the war was in need of being alleviated. The Fourteen Points was an attempt to maintain peace. Sophomore Sean Benson expressed, “Wilson tried to unite us after such a tragic event; we could use some of that unity today.”

Although Wilson’s plan did not work as well as he had desired, it was still significant in the sense that it earned him great respect and offered hope for those involved in the brutal war. Global History Teacher David Rabinowitz says: “From a historical point of view, I think this is a meaningful and exciting anniversary. Wilson helped begin a network of autonomous nations based on coexistence and peace, which are two enduring subjects that must always be celebrated.”

In honor of the 100-year anniversary, students and teachers alike are proud of President Wilson’s attempt to acquire solidarity around the globe. Without his endeavors, history would have been forever changed. The Fourteen Point Plan was crucial to 20th century America and has continued to hold an impact 100 years later.