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Valentine’s Day How-to: Assembling the Sweetest Gift Basket

Madison Watson
Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Read on about the art of assembling gift baskets.

Valentine’s Day is often considered a sweet and loving celebration; however, it can be quite stressful for some. Many people do not know what the perfect gift for their Valentine is. Inevitably, they then resort to the basics: candy and flowers. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be debated; there are those who seek out something personal while others genuinely appreciate basic gifts. Although candy and flowers are a terrific option, a gift basket can make the occasion more meaningful. To make a dazzling gift basket, follow these few simple steps: 

1. Make it Sweet!

This step can be achieved by adding the person’s favorite candy and decorating the basket with sweet reminders. A common sweet treat that many enjoy is chocolate. “Chocolate is [a] wide-spread favorite amongst many, so you can always rely on it,” sophomore Abigail Asherov noted. A treat is an efficient way to please one’s Valentine, especially because heart-shaped chocolates are sold around this holiday. “Chocolate is a sweet gesture because chocolate is sweet itself, and although it is a small gift per se, the person’s valentine will be thrilled. It is the small things that count,” Asherov added.

2. Decorating

If the appearance of the basket is bold, then the person receiving it will likely be both more interested and more eager to see what is inside. Some ideas of decorations are heart-shaped stickers, paper cut-outs, glued-on flower petals, and pink and red pieces of paper that can easily be taped on. Freshman Jillian Notter voiced, “Whenever I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of hearts, so adding hearts as a decoration is definitely the way to go.”

3. Be Meaningful

Some meaningful items to include are a necklace, a cultural item that is significant to that person, or a baked good, which is always a sign of effort and aspiration. However, gifting simple cards can never go wrong. Writing a meaningful letter or drawing something remarkable for one’s Valentine is always one of the best gifts a person can receive. English teacher Karen Smith expressed, “A hand-written note makes someone feel so incredibly special, appreciated, and valued.”

4. Incorporating Essentials

Ultimately, add items that would make the basket both useful and enjoyable. “Face masks are an essential item for girls, as they are a fun thing to do at the end of a stressful day,” suggested Notter. A great gift should be useful, not something that will lay around and collect dust. A few other valued everyday items are facial moisturizers or cleansers, a water bottle, or a pencil case. Take careful consideration into what that person utilizes daily to make their gift convenient.

These gift baskets can be put together with total expenses of under $30. Gifts do not have to be expensive, florid, or materialistic. The main idea for gift-giving is that the gift is meaningful. Valentine’s Day need not be stressful in the sense of giving gifts.

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