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Get Ready to Go Back in Time with “Back to the Future: The Musical!”

Stacey Krivitsky
Read on about this exciting Broadway sensation!

Welcome to Hill Valley, where Marty McFly embarks on an extraordinary journey. Transported back to 1955 in a time machine built by the eccentric Doc Brown, Marty accidently alters the course of history. Racing against the ticking clock, he must fix the present, escape the past, and send himself… back to the future.

In June 2023, the sensational Back to the Future: The Musical opened on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre, following its success in London’s West End. The production features music and lyrics by Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard, as well as a book by Bob Gale. It is adapted from the classic 1985 film Back to the Future by Robert Zemeckis and Gale. The musical features original music as well as iconic songs featured in the film, including “The Power of Love,” “Earth Angel,” “Johnny B. Goode,” and “Back in Time.”

Reuniting the original creative team from the West End production, Back to the Future: The Musical also welcomes back Roger Bart and Hugh Coles from the London cast. They reprise their roles as mad scientist Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown and George McFly, respectively, with Casey Likes taking on the time-traveling teenager Marty McFly. The cast also includes Merritt David Janes as Strickland, Liana Hunt as Lorraine, Jelani Remy as Goldie Wilson/Marvin Berry, Nathaniel Hackmann as Biff, and Mikaela Secada as Jennifer.

The story kicks off in Hill Valley, California, in 1985, where the audience meets the protagonist, Marty. The ambitious Marty discovers that his eccentric friend, Doc, has created a time machine out of a DeLorean. Marty unintentionally travels back to 1955, encountering younger versions of his parents and setting off a series of events that could alter the course of his existence.

As Marty navigates the challenges of the past, including helping his timid father, George, stand up to the bully Biff, the plot weaves through themes of the consequences of meddling with time. Marty’s interactions with his teenage parents explore the major impact that even small decisions have on one’s future.

In the second act, the focus shifts to Doc’s dreams of a futuristic world. Marty, now faced with the responsibility of ensuring that his parents fall in love, devises a plan to guide his father, George, to win over his mother, Lorraine. Simultaneously, Biff and his gang discover Marty’s presence and hatch a plot to sabotage his efforts.

The climax unfolds during a school dance, where Marty’s existence is threatened. As tension builds, Marty faces challenges from Biff and the complexities of ensuring his parents’ romance blossoms. The musical culminates in a heartwarming moment when George defeats Biff, ensuring Marty’s survival, and the iconic scene where Marty plays “Johnny B. Goode” with his band.

The final act propels the audience back to 1985, where Marty discovers the consequences of his actions. The once-reticent George McFly is now a celebrated science fiction author, and Marty’s family is thriving. The town celebrates the restoration of the clock tower, symbolizing the harmonious resolution of the characters’ journeys.

Marty and his band perform “The Power of Love,” and the musical comes full circle. Yet just when the audience thinks the adventure is over, Doc reappears in a flying DeLorean, urging Marty to join him in exploring the future. The curtain falls with the promise of more adventures.

The musical adaptation introduces some subtle modifications from the original film. One notable change is the absence of Doc’s beloved dog, Einstein, a decision likely influenced by the challenges of featuring live animals on stage amidst the loud noises and special effects. Another significant alteration lies in the circumstances leading Marty to 1955; the storyline diverges from the Libyan terrorists plot, opting instead for Doc’s demise due to radiation poisoning. From a sensitivity standpoint, it is understandable that, in a modern context, the producers of the musical may have wanted to avoid Doc’s confrontation with Middle Eastern terrorists. While there are additional changes in the musical production, they do not significantly deviate from the familiar storyline.

I really enjoyed Back to the Future: The Musical, and, in my view, it stands out as one of the highlights of Broadway’s 2023 season. The show effortlessly combines elements of fun, humor, entertainment, and suspense. Its visual appeal is sensational, featuring breathtaking costumes, exquisite sets, and most notably, remarkable special effects that enhance the overall experience. The cast’s performance is truly outstanding. Likes admirably steps into the iconic role of Marty, previously portrayed by Michael J. Fox, delivering an impressive performance. Bart, portraying Doc, masterfully captures the essence of Christopher Lloyd’s character while infusing his own comedic flair.

One of the most spectacular aspects of the musical is the car: the infamous time-traveling DeLorean. Brought to life through a combination of lights, smoke, sounds, and fire, the DeLorean brings all of the magic alive from the screen to the stage. Audiences are transported to a place where the seemingly impossible—a flying car—becomes reality.

The original movie and its two sequels achieved significant box office success, making over $936 million. The musical adaptation seamlessly follows, doing justice to the beloved franchise. Back to the Future: The Musical unquestionably hits 88 miles per hour on Broadway.

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