NAHS Presents “Pictionary” Collection at Induction Ceremony

The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) held its annual induction ceremony to officially welcome the new members of Chapter 2686. The event was revived after holding a virtual ceremony the past two years and was the first event to be held in the newly refurbished Branciforte Auditorium. The ceremony, which took place on Feb. 8, was centered around the theme “Pictionary” and displayed artwork that “spoke a thousand words.”

The John F. Branciforte Auditorium is a newly-completed element of the reconstruction of LHS. The high-tech lighting system and projector were used to display images and artwork on the stage as the students walked across to accept their induction.

The NAHS is designed for students in grades 10-12 who show an exceptionally advanced talent in the fine arts. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding student artists, promote awareness of art education in the community, beautify the school, and further strengthen artistic abilities. To become a member, students must complete Drawing and Painting 1 and be currently enrolled in an art class with an average of 90 or above. Students must also maintain an average above 80 in all other courses. If students qualify, they then complete a drawing assessment. This year’s drawing assessment was to include at least five hands in a piece.

Chapter 2686 is on the smaller scale of NAHS chapters with a total of 37 members. NAHS advisor and art teacher Michael Kunz is not fazed by this low number, however. “We are still able to complete all our previous activities and the smaller number makes the group more tight-knit,” Kunz said. “I am not worried because this group is more dedicated than ever.”

The induction ceremony was centered around the theme “Pictionary” and was inspired by the work of Kristy Patterson. Each student was assigned a word of his/her choice and given a dictionary page with the word’s definition. Students had freewill of the dictionary pages and had to produce a design to highlight their word using any medium of their choice. The resulting pieces of art were displayed on the auditorium stage as students’ names were announced at the induction ceremony.

Pieces are now exhibited in the Bern Seiderman Gallery, located in the cafeteria for all of LHS to view.

The ceremony began with a welcome from the new Fine and Performing Arts Director Adrianna Schaefer and the induction of the NAHS officers. NAHS President Amelia Pollicino and Vice President Sofia Yaker introduced the club before NAHS Historian Kyla Nembach took the stage. Nembach highlighted the events NAHS took part in the past year; since September, the society has organized Night of the Pumpkins, hosted the Gifted virtual art auction, participated in the Gifted foundation, and sold Christmas ornaments. This speech was followed by the lighting of the candles of society colors: red, blue, yellow, black, and white. Then, the induction began.


The National Art Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony on Feb. 8, and it was centered around the theme “Pictionary.” (Photo courtesy of Alexis Raynor)

The society inducted 16 seniors, 11 juniors, and four sophomores. NAHS Secretary Karoline Ryf said she is proud to be inducted but feels sentimental about leaving NAHS behind next year. “I am going to miss the supportive environment of NAHS the most,” Ryf said. “The group has taught me to always put my ‘finest finest’ effort into all that I create, and my role as an officer has strengthened my communication and leadership skills.”

After all were inducted, NAHS officers Jake Giarriputo, Olivia Ackerman, Nembach, and Ryf presented awards. The Merit Awards were given to those who contributed outstanding efforts in NAHS, and the Pictionary Awards were presented to those to recognize their superb induction pieces. The last awards presented were the Senior and Junior Awards, given to Pollicino and Yaker for their dedication, artistic ability, and leadership skills.

Yaker was not aware that she was receiving this award and said it was a pleasant surprise. “I felt really honored and happy when Mr. Kunz announced my name,” Yaker said. “Being Vice President, I had to devote a lot of time and work into NAHS. I learned a lot about balance this year and was so appreciative to even be considered for the Junior Award.”

Pollicino delivered a speech that expressed her passion for the fine arts after being granted the Senior Award. “Art has impacted every part of my life,” Pollicino said. “I do it every single day, and it is pretty much everything to me. As NAHS President, I have learned what it means to be a leader. Next year, I am going to miss being around such a vibrant and creative group.”

As a closing remark, the newly inducted members recited the pledge of the NAHS, and Kunz delivered congratulations to the inductees. “I would like to thank all members for making art and the NAHS an important part of their lives,” Kunz said. “I hope they continue to use their talent in art while at LHS, and for the rest of their lives. This group is truly the ‘finest finest.’”