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Welcome to Belgreene Cinema!

Jasmine Ostroff

Thank you for choosing me to work at Belgreene Cinema! At Belgreene, what distinguishes us is human interaction as opposed to kiosks and machines. We intend to keep it that way for as long as we can. Your manager will instruct you further during your training, but here are some general rules to follow while on the job:

1. Refrain from using your phone in the presence of customers.

2. Once a theater lets out, make sure that either you or a coworker cleans it promptly. At least one person should be there to always watch the main lobby.

3. Stay on the first floor. At no point should you be on the second floor. You should only go up to the second floor if instructed to by your manager during monthly cleaning.

4. If you see any white or yellow light emitting from anywhere other than a theater, notify your manager immediately and they will manage it. DO NOT attempt to investigate it yourself. ~~We cannot lose another one yet. ~~

5. Pay close attention to the movie schedule. If a movie begins playing at any time not indicated on the schedule, notify your manager immediately. The projectionist is human too, of course. We all make mistakes.

6. If the projectionist ever comes downstairs, put as much distance as you can between you and ~~it~~ him. If you are behind the concession stand, duck down to remain out of sight until the projectionist has passed. If you are at the box office, ~~God help you~~ remain still with your eyes closed until the projectionist has passed.

7. The projectionist leaves at 10:00 each night. If you are instructed to stay past this time by your manager (either through your schedule or in person), do not listen. I will not let you become a part of ~~it~~ him yet. Be sure to leave by 9:45 at the absolute latest.

8. If you ever encounter the projectionist, DO NOT look directly into ~~its lens~~ his eyes.

9. If instructed to clean the second floor during monthly cleaning, feel honored. This is an especially important task to be assigned to, and our theater would not run without your ~~sacrifice~~ demanding work.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy working here at Belgreene Cinema. ~~It will be the last job you ever do. ~~

Laurie LaFelm

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