“The Eye of the Beholder”

Look, you’re not pretty. 

You’re too tall

You’re too short

You’re too skinny

You’re too fat


Look, you’re not smart. 

You’re too pretty

You’re too athletic

You’re too popular

You’re too shy 


Look, you can’t do it 

You’re too dumb  

You’re too weak

You’re too shy

You’re too scared 


Look, you can’t say that. 

You can’t wear that. 

You can’t like that. 

You can’t be that. 

Look, you’re just a girl. 


Just a mind that’s incapable. 

Just a body to shame. 

Just a heart to fake love to and then break it.  


But look, you’re not just pretty. 

You’re not just smart. 

You’re not just shy. 

You’re not just weak. 


Look, you are strong enough.

You are smart enough.

You are brave enough.

You are pretty enough.

Look, you are enough.