Nature’s Nurture

Golden leaves fall from the trees.

An array of green, red, and orange; some have none at all

They litter the floor, blowing and bringing change while also embodying it.

They show me what it means to let go of things that have served their time, and how beautiful that can be.

How effortless the sun shines through them. How playful and vibrant it all looks. How I’d love to run through it all, the leaves and the sun and the wind.

Yet it is dying.

The painter of the portrait makes it all very appealing. It was by design, planted to grow and manifest only to shrivel and recede back to a blank canvas.

A new beginning.

Times of change are good for reflection, for nature is both a mirror and a mother to those who wish to see themselves and be loved.

You can paint with all the wind’s colors, you can fall without getting hurt, and you can let things go with grace.

Mother knows best, for she does these things all the time…