“The Three Halloween Curses”

Halloween is a time when kids dress up, get candy, and have fun. It’s a day when being scared is not bad at all, but that only applies to the kids who aren’t cursed…

A little girl was very excited for Halloween. She had a pirate costume ready and planned to go to school dressed up. There were many fun games to play in school and a costume contest that she wanted to win. In the morning, she ran to her mother’s room and yelled, “Mommy, wake up! It’s time to go to school.”

Her mom got up with a smile and said, “Alright, alright, go put your costume on, and I’ll make some breakfast.” The little girl ran to her room and started to get ready. While she was putting on her costume, she spotted a necklace; it was glowing on her bed. She thought it was an accessory for her costume, so she decided to wear it. When she went to the kitchen for breakfast, her mother spotted the shining necklace that she had on and asked where she found it.

“It was on my bed; it must have fallen out of the bag when I was taking out the costume.” The little girl finished eating and made her way to school with her mom. Her mom dropped her off and said goodbye. The little girl had a fun day at school and was excited to go trick-or-treating with her mom and friends. Her mom came to pick her and her friends up. They went trick-or-treating, and it was deemed the best Halloween night ever. The little girl and her mom arrived home, where she switched from costume to pajamas and said good night. The next morning, her mom woke her up and said, “Wake up, honey! You don’t want to miss the fun Halloween games at your school, do you?” 

Coming out of a deep sleep, the little girl asked, “What? But that already happened yesterday.” 

Her mom looked at her with a confused face and said, “What are you talking about? Today is October 31, Halloween! Now, get ready, and I’ll prepare some breakfast.” Her mom left, and the little girl sat on her bed in confusion and concern. Once again, the girl went to school and did everything that she did the day before. Her mom went to pick her and her friends up to go trick-or-treating…just like the day before. When they got home, the little girl took her costume off, put on pajamas, and went to bed. 

The next morning, the girl wakes up to her mom saying, “Wake up, honey, you don’t want to miss the fun Halloween games at your school, do you?” The little girl jumped because of what her mom said. Her mom left, and the little girl did not know what to do. This routine kept occurring, and the day never ended. If you are wondering how this happened, it is the necklace’s fault, of course! But the girl will never know that, will she?

There was a boy named Liam, and he loved Halloween. It was the only holiday that celebrated his two favorite things: dressing up and candy. But his parents never celebrated Halloween; they claimed the whole day was cursed. But Liam did not care. Each year, he would beg his parents to celebrate Halloween, but the answer was always the same: “NO!” Then, one day, his parents gave in because they finally had enough. So, when the week of Halloween approached, they made a maze. Liam put on his costume, and the first thing he did was go into the maze. His parents told him not to go inside without them because it would be hard for him to find his way out, but Liam refused to listen and went inside anyway. At first it was fine; some little jump scares here and there, but the incessant twists and turns of the maze made Liam feel uneasy, and he wanted to look for an escape route. He tried to find his way out, but he got lost. He screamed for help, but no answer was returned to him. He was frightened; the maze seemed to get bigger and more confusing with every step he took. At one point, he stopped and just sat there, wishing someone would find him.

A teenage girl named Mia was excited to go to a Halloween party. Her parents said, “No parties!” That led Mia to lie, saying she was going to a sleepover at her friend’s house, so her parents let her go. The party was late at night. The house was the definition of “haunted,” but she was not scared; she thought it was just for decoration. When walking inside, not one soul was there. She assumed she was the first one to arrive. She went to look for the hosts, but they weren’t there. Feeling worried and anxious, she was going to leave, but the door was locked. She tried to look for her phone, but it was gone, so her only option was to scream. But she finally came to the realization that doing that was a bad idea. While screaming, a figure appeared in front of her; it had gleaming red eyes that pierced through its shadowy presence. She was trembling, her body couldn’t move; she had no words, nothing to say, and even if she did, she couldn’t because then it would alert the odd-looking figure. The figure crept closer and closer until it was right in her face; she heard its raspy breathing. Her heart was beating fast, so fast that she felt like she was going to have a heart attack! As her head started to hurt, the room became smaller. And, in panic, she yelled, “HELP ME! HELP ME, PLEASE!” The figure backed away from her and covered her up in a black ball of darkness. Her parents never found her. Even the police couldn’t, so the case ran cold. 

When people hear these stories, they ask why this has happened to them, and my answer is “nobody knows.” Just be glad it hasn’t happened to you, and hope that it never does; if you were to be burdened with a curse, your soul will never be free.