Uvalde, Texas


Nineteen young minds headed off 

to school. Two teachers would  

be waiting for them with a smile.  

One dark, merciless being   

would end it all.  


Early morning, teachers taught,  

children laughed. Monster  

prowled, pacing halls, opened 

the door, and attacked.  


Each bullet released,  

each too recently deceased.  

Their little hearts and minds  

were stopped and stolen from time.  

Our hearts across America  

are full of anger and ache.  

There is no sign of morning,  

no sign of daybreak.  


The monster was slain, but the  

damage was already done. How  

much longer must we wait… until  

our children are no  

longer the target of a gun?  

Pray for the families, the lives  

taken too soon. Change has  

to come before this side of history  

becomes just another rerun.