Drying the last of my tears and saying goodbye, I went back into the house pondering when we’d meet again.

I looked around at the now empty apartment in Brooklyn. Memories I attempted to forget all came crashing through like a freight train.

Slow dances to our old record player on evenings when we couldn’t sleep,

the laughter shared,

parties held,

fights had,


The comfortable silence.

The past five years, gone in an instant.

Walking around, feeling at ease,

We didn’t want to end like this, we just did.

I walked into our old bedroom and saw the small flower doodle left for me. Faint smile made its way to my lips as I remembered the night before.

Before the goodbye.

I heard footsteps behind me and was faced by my mother.

“It gets better,” she whispered as she held me close.

“It always does.”

I gave her a sad smile.

“You two will meet again, in another life.”

As she walked away, I looked out at the balcony one last time.

“Till we meet again.”

Walking out of the apartment and getting into my car, I drove away,

Away to my new beginning.