Vinyl Makes a Comeback


Jillian Weston

The Crossley player is recommended for teenagers due to its price and usability.

Is the music of Gen-X becoming the music of Gen-Z? Records by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, and The Beatles are once again being bought by teenagers all over the world. More record stores are opening due to the demand in used and new vinyl. Some of the customers are teenagers eagerly wanting to add to their collection of records. Younger people may listen to a record that helped the rock n’ roll genre soar or hear the first rap song that helped evolve into the songs people listen to today.

The idea of coming into a record shop is really a treasure hunt…”

— Joe Macchia, manager of Needle+Groove

Entering a record store is like starting a new adventure. “The idea of coming into a record shop is really a treasure hunt because you are looking for your own personal treasure,” said Joe Macchia, the manager of Needle+Groove, a record store in Lynbrook. When shopping at a record store, employees will help guide you in the musical direction you may lean towards.

For newcomers to record collecting, using the correct type of record player is crucial to the process. Crossley is a great company for teenagers because the player inexpensive and easy to figure out how to use. On the other hand, if the person is going for a better sound quality, Pro-ject is recommend. However, a Pro-ject player is more expensive than Crossley. If a record player owner does not take care of his/her player, it will produce bad sound quality. To prevent this from happening, buying a cleaning kit will help the needle not scratch; this will also make it last longer.

Is buying a record worth all this trouble? “Buying a record is worth going through all the preparation and purchases because the sound of vinyl is just so unique compared to sound music off of your phone,” shared freshman Gianna Longo. Even though Spotify and Apple music are the new way to listen to music, people still enjoy the aspects of a record. Senior Megan Ryan explained, “I don’t want to pay for Spotify premium and would rather have a record on, so I don’t get ads.” Buying used records like most collectors do has its pros and cons. The con of buying a used record is if the previous owner did not take good care of it, then you will hear that neglect in the sound. “It will sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies,” Macchia explained.  The pro of buying a used record is when the band/artist recorded the song, that is the closest one can get to actually hearing the original version.

The comeback of vinyl is making it so people can have a different perspective on music; it brings Gen X’s music to Gen Z. The legends are brought back to life through new ears and songs of old are sung by younger voices.