A New Era for the Lynbrook Varsity Cheerleading Team

 Though LHS is often recognized for its excellence in athletics for teams such as soccer, tennis, lacrosse, and baseball, its cheer team has fallen somewhat under the radar in recent years. The team has had a limited number of members throughout the past few years and does not receive as much attention as other Lynbrook sports. However, this is an issue of the past. Now, and with a new coaching staff, interest to be a part of the team has skyrocketed. 

     The cheer team’s assistant coach Shayiah Smith said she is overjoyed with her new job. Smith was a varsity cheerleader for four years, winning two Long Island Championships and 10 national championships. Before her job in Lynbrook, she was a varsity cheerleading coach at another Long Island school and a gymnastics coach, but she was interested in learning more about the sport. 

     “Coaching isn’t just teaching,” Smith said. “It’s about learning, too, and adjusting to the needs of everyone. We have so many girls who are new to the sport, but they all give so much effort and never complain when they face new tasks,” she added.  

     Freshman Anneliese Ryf is one of the new members of the LHS cheer team. Her previous cheerleading experience includes being a member of the Lynbrook Titans cheer team in middle school. Ryf believed cheer seemed like a great option for her, and she said that she has loved the experience so far. 

     Despite being relatively new to the sport, Ryf shared that her teammates have been welcoming and helpful. “We learn new things every day, and I always get the help I need to succeed,” Ryf said. “It is such a great environment to be a part of,” Ryf added.  

     Ryf is extremely excited about how large the team has become.“It is so cool to see so many people have the same interests as I do,” she said. Ryf is excited to see what else cheer has in store for her. 

     Likewise, senior and cheer captain Chloe Moskowitz is very devoted to the sport. “Cheer has affected my life in the best way possible,” said Moskowitz, who has made “lifelong friendships” with her teammates. 

     Moskowitz also shared that she enjoys engaging with the Lynbrook community through cheer. “Being captain has really shown me how amazing the cheerleading program is at this school,” she said. 

     The size of the cheer team has doubled since last year, which Moskowitz feels has elevated the team’s skills. With more people on the team, they can perform more advanced stunts and routines. “Having so many girls allows more people to know about us and cheer for us,” said Moskowitz. She also sees it as an opportunity to meet new people and perform new routines.  

     Perfecting cheerleading skills takes hours of dedication to the sport. It may not be easy, but through hard work, this year’s varsity cheerleading team is ready to soar to new heights.