Spirit Week and Pep Rally Back and Better Than Ever

The week before the big homecoming football game, the Student Government Association (SGA) organizes Spirit Week. Each year, this builds spirit among the LHS community and is a beloved tradition. The halls of LHS were filled with Disney characters, prom dresses, students of different decades, and plenty of green and gold from Oct. 12-15. 

Along with the different themed days of the week, the SGA was responsible for decorating the cafeteria each day. Tuesday’s theme was “Black Tie Tuesday.” Students arrived at school red-carpet-ready in suits, ties, and skirts; some students even donned gowns and prom dresses. They were greeted with a red carpet and given the opportunity to walk the “runway” when entering the building. 

Following Black Tie Tuesday was “Walt Disney Wednesday.” Walt Disney World recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, so Wednesday’s theme fit the occasion. Iconic Mickey Mouse ears were found on countless students and faculty alongside those who dressed as their favorite Disney characters. 

“Throwback Thursday” was a day full of nostalgia, paying homage to the style of decades past. Neon clothing, butterfly clips, tracksuits, tie-dye, and band t-shirts all made appearances. A few students took the theme “throwback” to the extreme and flaunted fashion from ancient times. 

“Green and Gold Friday” concluded Spirit Week and was a way for students to show their Lynbrook pride. Athletes wore jerseys and homecoming shirts, and the student body was seen sporting Lynbrook colors; with green and gold wigs, tutus, socks, and more, students and faculty dressed the part. 

SGA Advisor Mary Kirby commented, “My favorite day of Spirit Week is always Green and Gold Day. The SGA was extremely happy to have so many of our students and staff members participate, and we were thrilled to come back after last year with enormous participation.” 

Spirit Week concluded with the annual pep rally and announcement of the homecoming king and queen. Due to the COVID-19 guidelines, last year’s pep rally was postponed and took place in March rather than the beginning of the school year. This year, the pep rally was revived with enthusiasm and school spirit. The SGA decorated the gymnasium in a sea of green and gold décor, and the bleachers were filled with students and faculty wearing school colors. 

The pep rally was hosted by teachers John Cornicello and Jennifer Kramer. They engaged the crowd with creative dance challenges and competitions. Students fought to catch coveted homecoming t-shirts, and a performance was made by the concert choir.

 “My favorite part about the pep rally is watching the students cheer for each other and the t-shirt toss,” Kramer commented. 

One noteworthy highlight was the acknowledgment of all senior varsity athletes and captains. Those who were a part of varsity tennis, soccer, cheerleading, cross country, kickline, and football were called to the gym floor and were cheered on by the whole school. This was followed by a performance from the varsity cheerleading team which included stunts, flips, and cheers. 

Then it was varsity kickline’s turn to take the floor. Their first routine was a collaboration with the marching band, and the girls danced to live music. There were plenty of high kicks, and the routine ended with the team using their pom-poms to spell out LHS. 

The last event before the big reveal of homecoming king and queen were the relay races, where select freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors participated in a lay-up relay. Even a few teachers got in on the fun and played on a teacher team alongside the students. This was a preview for LHS’s upcoming Sports Night in February, another staple event that will be revived after being canceled last year. After the race was over, it was the moment the whole school had been waiting for: the crowning of this year’s homecoming king and queen. 

The list of court nominees was announced the Friday before Spirit Week. The Queen’s Court included seniors Emma Ward, Sophie Ward, Lexi Capitali, Emily Paladino, Grace Bodian, and Emma Leighley. The King’s Court included seniors Jaden Harvin, Harrison Kirby, Patrick LaBarbera, Christian Meszaros, Matthew Sollitto, and Vincent Sullivan. 

Cornicello and Kramer announced the winners: Queen Leighley and King LaBarbera. The crowd roared with excitement, ending the week’s festivities on a high note. 

“It was amazing to have the pep rally back,” Cornicello said. “I think we missed that comradery last year… I loved seeing everyone in the stands being excited and a part of the celebration; it really made all the work and preparation worth it,” he added. 

Kramer agreed and commented, “It was beyond amazing to look up into the stands and see the students cheering. It was an emotional experience since so many things were taken away from us last year. It was a wonderful celebration of school spirit and unity, and it is nice to have these events back in our lives.”

After all the cancellations of the past two years, this year’s pep rally not only set the tone for future events, but restored excitement and school spirit in many. This was only a small step on the long road back to normalcy. Spirit Week and the pep rally filled the school with a renewed spirit, cheer, and excitement, helping the football team get ready for its big game.