“Revenge Travel”: The Flight-Flocking Phenomenon

The desire to travel has spread across the world as countries are finally being let out of lockdown from the Covid-19 pandemic and life begins to return to normal. In spring of 2020, the number of people going through airports dropped to well below 500,000 according to the Consumer News and Business Channel, and airplane ticket prices dropped to unprecedented low numbers. White some people have snatched up such inexpensive transportation opportunities, travelling in 2020 was met with a variety of limitations and setbacks, so the chance to travel safely this summer is enticing to many.  

     For those who were planning to go on vacation in 2020, cancellations or alterations were unexpected and upsetting. Freshman Olivia Lanteri said, “Last year, my family and I were supposed to go to Aruba. It’s kind of a tradition we do every four years, and it’s always something we look forward to.” Without being able to take this trip, Lanteri said, she felt trapped. “Since I love traveling, nature, and doing new things, it was hard just to stay put,” said Lanteri. 

     Senior Tess Rechtweg also had to skip exciting adventures: “My family had planned on going to Japan last year in April. When we heard about the initial epidemic in China, we were worried and bought masks, but ultimately canceled the trip when there was a travel ban put in place.” Retchweg said she was extremely upset because “a trip to Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it was going to be one of the last major trips I go on with my family before college.” 

     Experiences such as summer camp were also put on pause. Freshman Jack Haberman said, “Last year when I heard the news that I wasn’t able to fly to Florida or attend sleep away camp, I was very devastated.” So, after many people have spent a year at home with virtually no travelling, what will happen as windows for vacation begin to reopen?

     Some are expecting the phenomenon of “revenge travel,” or citizens making up for their missed vacations with new, bigger ones this year. Interestingly, “revenge travel” has been foreseen since last year. An article on The Washington Post’s website from 2020 says, “That restless mood has many pro-travelers and experts predicting revenge travelers could bring back leisure tourism with a bang.”

     The prices of airfare and hotel rooms are already showing the effects of “revenge travel.” CNBC’s website explains that tickets for travel by airplane are on the rise after their drastic drop. The article also explained, “In hot vacation spots like Miami, occupancy is nearly 70% with average rates of $228 a night, the highest prices since February 2020.” So, there is an obvious increase in travel among the population. The question remains, what are the best and most vacationed-to spots as people hit the road, or the airport?

     Some people would like to do just what they had planned last year, Haberman included. “Fortunately, this past April, I was able to fly down to Florida and visit my grandparents. I also plan to attend sleepaway camp this summer,” he said. Lanteri added that she and her family are going to Aruba: “We will just be chilling out and decompressing from the year.” Rechtweg shared that her family is considering vacations to warmer areas: “I really would love to go to California because I’ve never been there. I would also love to visit Disney World because the school’s Disney trip was canceled.” Many aspirations seem much more attainable this summer, thanks to the easing of pandemic precautions.

     On a larger scale, an article on the website SmarterTravel.com titled “The Top 10 Summer 2021 Destinations” analyzed one million airplane sales to provide lists of popular vacation spots for this year, within the country and around the world. According to the list of sites located within the country, Orlando, Florida; Seattle, Washington; Anchorage, Alaska; and Hawaii will be very popular in the upcoming season. Globally, places that will experience many vacationers will be San Juan, Puerto Rico; Montego Bay, Jamaica; and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Some of the top sites are also in Mexico, including Cancun and San Jose Del Cabo. Many people are seeking the relaxation of beaches and warmer climates as they finally step outside the confinement of their homes.

     Seemingly, the general population aches to stretch its legs, pull off its mask, and take a deep breath of the fresh air of somewhere else. Journeyers are riding the wave of “revenge travel” as they seek new voyages. With over a full year of being stuck in the same places, combined with the regret of lost experiences and adventures, people are ready to say goodbye to quarantine and hello to vacation fever!