Club Happenings


Image courtesy of the Key Club Instagram

Community member donating blood at the Key Club Blood Drive

As the 2020-21 school year came to a close, LHS’s clubs organized many charity and school events. In May, the Key Club participated in a read-a-thon, where they raised money for the Book Fairies, a nonprofit organization. For the event, three books were distributed to children in need for every dollar raised. Key Club advisor Benedict Tieniber said of the fundraiser, “Book Fairies gives an opportunity to all children around the world to have access to books. There are many blessings in life, but none more gratifying than giving back to those in need.”

     The “Once Upon a Read-A-Thon” came after yet another Key Club Blood Drive, during which brave students, staff, and other Lynbrook citizens saved lives by donating blood in the gymnasium. Donors have saved more than 650 lives among all of the Key Club blood drives this year.

     The SGA has also had a busy season. Vice President Maeve Mooney said, “Recently, the SGA has had several fundraisers, including the annual Golden Paddle Tournament and our Teacher Appreciation Week flower fundraiser.” The Golden Paddle Tournament was a spirit-filled night of ping pong, played enthusiastically by students from all grades. Participants dressed up with their partner in creative costumes, and the cost to play in the game all went back towards the seniors.

     The Teacher Appreciation Week flower sale was also a success. Teachers across the entire district were celebrated with flowers and cards from appreciative students. Mooney continued, “We raised a very large amount of money with these two events, and the proceeds were put towards our Unsung Hero Scholarship fund.” These scholarships were given out to recipients David Vivar and Daisy Puca at the Senior Awards ceremony on May 25.