Dig into Gardening!


Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

Considering digging in and taking up a new hobby. Gardening is good for the environment and great for relaxation, too!

Spring and summer are time for gardening. Have you bought your seeds yet? Gardening is a hobby that many people participate in. You can plant many seeds inside the house in preparation for the summertime and gardening outside. These seeds can include the very common peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and herbs. Gardening is a calming and fun hobby to partake in, and it gives you something to do during the season

Purchase the seeds that you would like to plant, and buy some potting soil. Then, place the seeds in the soil and put them by a sunny window. Once the seeds are hardy enough, you can put them directly in the garden. Gardening is a hobby that is good for the environment. To help you start on the right foot while gardening, you should plant your seeds in dark, damp soil that is located in the sun. To make your plants grow to be richer and better, you can add compost to the soil. Compost is just leftover food that you put in a bin instead of throwing it in the trash. Compost can consist of banana peels, vegetable parts, and eggshells. These materials will help your soil become richer in nutrients, which is very good for the vegetables and herbs that you planted. You can start your seeds inside or outside. While gardening, you have to be aware of how your plants are doing, whether that means they are getting too much water, too little water, or too little sunlight.

Elena McDonald, a freshman, said that she plants flowers and herbs in her garden at home. When asked about the costs of gardening, McDonald said, “Some herbs and flowers can be pretty expensive, but if you grow it yourself, you can have as many plants as you want without having to spend so much money.”

Michael Mainland, a landscape architect, said that gardening reminds him of his family and of gardening as a kid. “I am always busy designing gardens and yards for people, so sometimes it is nice to step away and take care of my own garden,” Mainland said. Whenever he can, he gardens with his children and grows cucumbers, tomatoes, string beans, lettuce, and herbs like thyme and basil.

Paul Soprano, a professional gardener, said, “I love gardening! I have a very big garden that I grow vegetables in that I use during meals.” Soprano grows almost every vegetable in his garden from carrots to beets and radishes. Soprano said that he has been gardening since he was six years old and said that gardening reminds him of his childhood in Italy where he had a very big garden at his home. Soprano also said that he gardens by himself. He does this because “it is very relaxing and gives me time to think about the day.” Soprano said that he encourages people to garden because “even though it costs money to start a garden, it saves people money not to have to go and run out to the store for vegetables because they’re growing them.”

Gardening can also provide you with herbs, vegetables, fruit, and herbs that can be used or given to someone else. Gardening is a great hobby to partake in. It is good for the environment and is stress relieving and relaxing as well.