The Pandemic Pet Trend: New Pets at LHS!

The Pandemic Pet Trend: New Pets at LHS!

With quarantine having endured for months, there was a longing for companionship. And, with so much free time on their hands, many families decided it was the perfect time to make the commitment to train and love a new addition to their family. In fact, so many people were seeking out a new pet that animal shelters soon became overwhelmed with applications. The rewards of rescuing a pet are twofold; not only does the owner get a new companion to love, but oftentimes, the animal’s life is also saved when it finds a forever home.

Junior Lily Cohen can relate to this feeling of companionship, as she and her family rescued a dog during quarantine. Cohen said, “Rescuing a pet during quarantine was such an amazing choice. My family and I were mentally prepared to bring home a dog, and we were so excited when we finally did. It was especially awesome being able to rescue, which I highly recommend everyone do. We have rescued in the past, and it was such an amazing feeling knowing one more dog found their forever home.”

Quarantine caused a sudden decline in human interaction, which increased the interest of pet adoption, a great way to help people cope emotionally during the pandemic. Pet owners are proven to be happier and less stressed, which are feelings that many seek during unprecedented times. 

Freshman Caroline Larow and her family also adopted a dog while quarantined. When asked about the emotional support that their dog provided them, she said, “Quarantine was really stressful, and at times, a sad way of life. Bringing a new puppy into our family was the perfect way to balance out that stress. He was able to bring us joy during these difficult times, and he helped to relieve the stress that came with the pandemic. Gaining the companionship of a dog was something that my entire family needed. He gave us something to do every day, and he has added so many good things to our lives.”

Dogs were not the only pets that brought joy during quarantine. Freshman Eliza Fucci and her family adopted kittens because they were looking to create a special bond with a pet. Fucci said, “My new pets were helpful to get through quarantine because when you are stuck in the house, there aren’t that many things to do. They serve as a good distraction. It’s also so cute to see my new cat bond with my dog, Maisy, and they actually get along very well.”

Introducing a new pet to the family can sometimes be the last piece to the perfect puzzle of a family dynamic. Although pets bring lots of love and happiness, they also present a lot of new responsibilities and costs. Junior Elizabeth DiFiore, “It was a big change for my family to adopt a dog. We never had a puppy before, so it was definitely a lot of work. But Nilla was worth the extra work, and she is so cute.”

The lonely months of quarantine led people to try to make the best of the situation. Adopting a pet has proved time and again to bring so much happiness and love, even during these unprecedented times.