Light Up Lynbrook: First Annual Holiday Decorating Contest

This year, Lynbrook held its first annual holiday decorating contest called “Light Up Lynbrook.” During the holidays, families celebrated by decorating their homes and front lawns. This event brought joy and also helped to bring Lynbrook families together.

Mike Hawxhurst, the deputy mayor of Lynbrook, said that the new contest provided fun activities for families to be involved in over the holidays. Hawxhurst explained the contest by saying, “Some families decorated their homes to participate in the contest, while other families used the map and voting ballot to drive around and enjoy a fun evening or two of looking at the lights on the homes. Both opportunities provided safe ways for families to enjoy holiday fun together.” Lynbrook Village is about family, family togetherness, and spirit, and this event provided that.

Annmarie Reardon, a village of Lynbrook trustee, commented on this year’s contest by saying, “It is all about family time and memories.”  Reardon believes that this years’ decorating contest brought families and friends together and was a special time to celebrate for the holidays. Reardon also said, “Since most of traditional events and family gathering were cancelled this year, the holiday light contest gave our residents another way to celebrate the holiday season.”

Susan Bonomo, secretary to the mayor and board of Lynbrook, said that the contest was “a great opportunity for Lynbrook families to make their homes shine bright and also have some friendly neighborhood competition.” Bonomo said she believed it was still important to celebrate the holidays during the pandemic and added that even though everyone had to take more precautions than ever before, many were still able to celebrate the holidays safely this year.

The entries for the holiday decorating contest were separated and judged in three different categories: “Over the Top,” “Classic Norman Rockwell,” and “Overall Favorite.” The winner in the “Over the Top” category was the Padilla family from 98 Fenimore Street. The winner in the “Classic Norman Rockwell” category was the Walsh family from 113 Wood Street. And, the winner in the “Overall Favorite” category was the Renz family  from 177 Davison Avenue. All winners received  a proclamation from the mayor and a plaque highlighting their house as this year’s winner.

It appeared to be a very good year for Lynbrook to start this annual tradition as many people needed some cheering up during these difficult times. Since many traditional holiday events and family gatherings were cancelled due to COVID-19, the decorating contest gave people an alternate and safe way to celebrate this year.

This website shows a list and map of the houses that participated in this year’s Light Up Lynbrook contest.