Reusable Water Bottle Craze: Do They Really Make an Impact?

First, it was Yeti. Then, it was Swell. Currently, it is the Hydro Flask that is dominating the market. The reusable water bottle movement has taken its course and is taking over the world. Have reusable water bottles actually been benefiting the planet, or is this just a trend people decided to follow in order to fit in and feel included? Do individuals actually purchase these water bottles for the sole purpose of saving the planet from the harmful effects of plastic?

The exceedingly high rate of plastic water bottles consumed in the U.S. is detrimental due to the way in which these water bottles photodegrade. The term “photodegrade” suggests that these water bottles do not biodegrade; instead, they break down into smaller fragments that may take centuries to decompose. These fragments absorb toxins, BPAs, and PCBs, which cause pollution and contaminate soil as well as other animals humans may consume. 

Furthermore, the plastic buildup in oceans has experienced new heights. It is not unusual to find a plastic bottle in the sand at the beach or floating in the ocean. The fact that people are used to this daily occurrence is deeply saddening. As a result of this, people started to give in and finally express some love and care towards the planet. Various ocean cleanup crews have taken over the world’s beaches and oceans and are attempting to undo damage. Organizations such as International Coastal Cleanup, Ocean Mimic, as well as One World One Ocean, have tried to reverse the damage. When people became more environmentally conscious, reusable water bottles gained popularity. 

Senior Sara Bahri stated, “I think reusable water bottles have definitely made an impact throughout the years. The idea of refilling a customer’s bottle instead of giving a styrofoam/cup at a local coffee shop or restaurant has increased the awareness for the general public on what they can do to stop the use of plastic water bottles.” Little by little, if people minimize their use of  plastic and attempt to keep Earth’s beaches and oceans clean, larger results will be seen. “I think using reusable water bottles has been helpful because even with one person making a difference, it can positively affect the planet in the long run. I thought about this when purchasing my Hydro Flask and was not just doing it for the trend; I wanted to contribute to the motives of the environmentalists that are devoting their time to save our planet,” commented senior Haydan Bloomberg. The environment is a topic that people are well informed about these days because people have realized the environmental abuse they have enacted upon Earth. Although it took several years to become more environmentally friendly, people are now realizing the consequences and are taking a stand. 

But despite that, senior Karyn Gribbin stated, “Although the water bottle trend has been somewhat helpful, people still use plastic water bottles due to the convenience and cheapness of purchasing them.” People still use plastic water bottles, and even though the world has become more aware of plastic’s harmful effects, there are still people out there who simply do not see the need to buy one. However, if people forget plastic and choose to use reusable water bottles, the long-term effects will be rewarding. Some reusable water bottles are costly, but the added expense of buying single-use bottles every day will accrue to a greater cost in the long-term. 

Swimming in an ocean full of plastic or being surrounded by toxins in the air is not ideal. Now is the time for a change. Reuse water bottles: it is a simple yet effective way to reduce the Earth’s plastic accumulation. Every step towards saving the Earth will matter in the end.