Hopes of Continued Swimming to Success


As many may know, Lynbrook has historically had a successful girls’ swimming team that has consistently impressed and succeeded during its season, but, unknown to most, the boys’ swim team is also highly competitive. Lynbrook High School combines with South Side High School to form the Southbrook boys’ swim team. The combination of the two schools began in 2015. Although initially a hard adjustment for both schools, senior Conall Maloney explained, “the team wouldn’t be the same if it was just one school.”  

The team is still fairly new, and the current seniors on the team–who began their seasons in 2016– have been there almost since the start. Senior Nick Paladino has watched the team grow and commented on the adaptive nature of the young program: “When we first started, we had a ton of really amazing swimmers. Then they graduated, and the team was scared that after they left, they would not be good enough, but the beauty of the team is that each and every guy on the team worked hard to pick up the slack. And that’s something truly special.” 

The boys on the team are a family, despite the fact they come from different towns. The dedication the team shows practicing for an hour and a half each day, six days a week is a testament to the team’s will power. New to the team, Coach James O’Hara had a few words: “Being the coach at the middle school and for the St. Raymond’s swim team, I’ve seen many of these guys grow into the swimmers that they are and what they’re capable of. Joining with South Side is a great opportunity for these guys to come together and find their expertise.” O’Hara also said that the team has quite a number of talented swimmers this year, which is evident from the recent All-Conference, All-County,and  All-State honors.

Perhaps the talent and camaraderie combined will bring what it takes to provide the boys with another successful postseason run. The team’s journey can be followed via Instagram @southbrook.swim.