Athlete Spotlight: Sara Bahri


For the Lynbrook Girls’ Basketball team, it is a new beginning with high expectations and a lot of talent. At the forefront of that talent is senior Sara Bahri. Bahri, who just finished playing a vital role in the Lynbrook Volleyball teams deep playoff run, is looking to do the same for the basketball team. She hopes to help carry them deep into the playoffs and make her second deep playoff run for the owls.

Bahri was an integral part of last year’s success, leading the Owls to a 7-6 record. With the team bringing back a majority of its players, as most of its players last year were sophomores and juniors, the Owls will look to improve upon its record from last year, and Bahri is sure to be an integral part of that process. “I’m expecting big things for this season because there is a lot of talent on the team, and I think we can really do well,” commented Bahri. “I’m most looking forward to seeing the progress that we will be making as players on the court and people off it,” she continued. 

Bahri has received nothing but high praise from her coaches and fellow teammates. Bahri’s sister and fellow teammate, junior Camilla Bahri, had this to say, “She always plays hard, and she’s very tall, which makes her very good on defense. She’s good at blocking the ball.” Coach Steve Locicero added, “Her ability on the court speaks for itself…off the court, she is as successful and is admired for the wonderful young woman she has become in all she does for the Lynbrook community.” 

As Bahri’s final basketball season begins, the team will look to send her off on a good note. She started the season off by scoring 4 points and adding 10 rebounds in a dominating win over Hicksville on December 9th. She is expected to be a major factor in the team;s play the rest of the way, with her height and defensive ability. If the first game of the season is any sort of preview to the rest of the year, it should be a good season for. “I’m going to miss all of the memories and the people I’ve met throughout my four years. There were so many strong athletes and even stronger people with such big hearts.” commented Bahri.  “I think she is going to have a great year,” expressed Lociecero.“It will be fun to watch her play each day,” he added.