Q&A with Phillip Tischler (LHS ’09)

Today, there are many people looking for jobs in the STEM field, from engineers and mechanics to programmers and coders. One of the most respected companies to work for in the STEM field is Google. Google is multibillion-dollar corporation that has vast influence over its consumers. Many of its employees work in excellent job conditions, making it a highly respected job among those who wish to be programmers. Phillip Tischler, a Lynbrook alumnus from the class of 2009, is a programmer who works for Google. Tischler visits the Lynbrook Robotics team often during its meetings and provides insightful advice to aspiring future programmers and engineers. To those who wish to work for Google in the future, Tischler describes his experiences working for Google, and how aspiring students can work there as well.

Q: When did you graduate from Lynbrook?

A: 2009.

Q: What college did you go to?

A: Cornell.

Q: How was difficult was the process in getting a job at Google?

A: Very difficult. [It was] much harder getting into Google than getting into Cornell. I began four internships with Google right when I got out of college, and then I got a full-time job there.

Q: What is your job for Google?

A: I program code, design and edit documents, as well as attend meetings to discuss programs and code.

Q: What does your work schedule mainly consist of?

A: Work begins at 10:00 am; however, Google grants a lot of freedom to its employees, meaning you don’t have to sign in when you come, allowing you some freedom with when you want to come in. Meals are provided, and a typical workday generally consist of writing code.

Q: How would you rate your experience working for Google?

A: Working for Google has been very innovative and interesting. I enjoy being able to spend time doing what I love, programming code. Google also provides many perks and a lot of freedom to its employees. Overall, the experience at Google has been fun and enjoyable.

Q: What would you say to people who want to work for Google?

A: If you want to work for Google you need to enjoy programming and be very studious. It is very competitive in the job market, and you need a lot of determination and will if you want to get in. Personally, during high school, I took all the advanced science, math, and programming courses available.