2019 Fashion Predictions


2018? That was so last year! We are nearly two months into 2019, and it is clear to see what trends are going to rule this year. With Paris Fashion Week and other shows finished, along with pieces that can be seen on the streets, people already have an insight of 2019 fashion trends.

The first trend is see-through or plastic material. From bags to shoes, countless items have been made with such material. Some people question its functionality, for everything can be seen within. But, this is destined to be the trend of 2019. Louis Vuitton’s most recent show, by Virgil Abloh, stressed this material in many accessories. The designers of this show created their duffel bag entirely of colored plastic. They also made transparent tulle versions of their popular small trunks. It seems as if Louis Vuitton knew this trend would be popular, pricing items of the collection at staggering amounts. Many other brands and designers followed this trend, like Yeezy, Gucci, Guess, Off-White, and countless others. If you keep an eye out for this, you will be surprised at the abundance of products made with see through materials this season.

Another trend, which will most likely be big in 2019, is eco-friendly/sustainable and cruelty-free fashion. This can be defined as clothes made from materials and systems that are environmentally friendly and brands that do not use animal skin or furs. Brands like Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger decided to go completely animal product free. Countless high-end brands like Burberry, Gucci, Versace, DKNY, and others decided to ditch animal fur completely, starting in the 2019 season. Eco-friendly fashions are usually made within the United States and have a low carbon footprint. With more environmentally conscious consumers, it is easy to see why sustainable and cruelty-free clothing is going to be especially popular in 2019.

Lynbrook students were asked what their favorite trends will be in 2019. Greta Kiefer,a sophomore, shares, “Sustainable and eco-friendly clothing is my favorite trend. I am not sure if it will be super huge, but I really hope so! I can say that I always am conscious of the environment when I shop, especially for clothing.” Faith Koobial,a sophomore, also agreed saying, “Environmentally friendly clothing is my favorite, and I believe it already is pretty popular. I predict large earrings and floral will become bigger in 2019.” With thanks to countless designers and brands, we can already see what fashion trends will dominate 2019.