The Great British Baking Show


Welcome to The Great British Baking Show (TGBBS). If you’re in the market for a wholesome cooking competition show that will make you laugh and teach you a thing or two about puff pastry, you’re in the right place. Every year, 12 amateur bakers gather in the iconic tent in Berkshire,  England. Each week, one contestant is awarded “Star Baker,” while another is sent home. Although structured as a typical competition show, TGBBS is set apart by its contestants’ positive energy, the hosts’ endless jokes, and the judges’ classic British humor.

With no monetary prize, the contestants are really fueled by one thing, their love of baking, and it truly shows. Each week, the bakers face three challenges: the signature bake, the technical challenge, and the show-stopper. Though they are given the week to practice the signature and show-stopper bakes at home, the technical challenge is revealed the day of and truly tests the contestants’ knowledge of baking. However, even when under intense pressure, the camaraderie among the bakers shines through and is delightful to watch. Contestants are quick to lend a helping hand to his/her neighbor, and there is no shortage of genuine words of support. When something goes wrong with one of the contestant’s bakes, it is not uncommon to see all other bakers flock to their station to help. The overall atmosphere, though full of commotion, is super fun and high energy. Senior Liz Hanson agrees, sharing, “It’s honestly one of the most wholesome shows out there. Each episode is really cute, and all the contestants are kind and supportive of one another.” She continues, “Every time I watch it, I just feel so good after.”

In addition, the hosts, comedy duo Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, bring a new level of energy and humor to the competition. They are known to fill the more intense moments with infectious laughter and cut any tension with a well-delivered pastry-related pun. The duo also constantly mills around dissolving any stress with kind words of encouragement and oftentimes lend a helping hand as well.

The judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, though considered tough, always provide constructive feedback and never aim to bully or make fun of the contestants. In a way, they provide more guidance than judgement, which is refreshing when compared to the Gordon Ramseys and Simon Cowells of other popular competition shows. Senior Colin Schepis, another avid fan of TGBBS agrees, sharing, “They [the judges] always manage to critique the bakers without being too harsh, especially when they hug the eliminated baker at the end of each episode.”

Every aspect of the show, whether it be the contestants, creative bakes, or judges, is absolutely lovely. The bakers are as sweet as their creations, and the good-natured competition is truly heartwarming to watch.