Is the Wall Worth It?: No

President Trump’s long-lasting rhetoric over building a border wall between Mexico and the United States has led to recent debate over whether the wall is even worth building after the government was shut down from December to to January and another shutdown threat again loomed in mid-February. While some feel the wall is necessary to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States, the cons of building the wall massively outweigh the pros. Thus, President Trump must reevaluate the construction of the wall and realize that the wall is not worth building.

President Trump has been acting like a cantankerous child over his determination to construct a wall, and he proceeded to shutdown the government because he did not get the $5.7 billion for its funding. The government shutdown started on Dec. 22 and ended on  Jan. 25, and it was the longest shutdown in U.S history. The shutdown affected everyday American citizens, leaving 800,000 federal workers with no pay.

It is likely the wall will cost more than expected. Trump has stated that the wall can cost as little as $15 billion, but that may be a major understatement. During Trump’s election campaign, he repeatedly told America that Mexico would pay for the construction of the wall. But, what he promised Americans will never become a reality. Mexico has made it very clear that it will not fund the wall, leaving Trump in a major predicament. Trump is now trying to use American tax dollars to fund the wall. Freshman Sashmire Baptiste stated, “The cost of the wall is too much.” This will not be a wise investment considering that tax dollars could be used on more beneficial things, such as education and public works.

Instead of building a wall, Trump should be concerned with more cost-effective measures, such as getting more border patrol agents, better security, gun control, and reuniting the children who have been separated from their families because of his other immigration policies. With more border patrol agents, more jobs will be available, and it will help the economy while also addressing the concern of the border.

There are also some flaws in the design of the wall, with many finding loopholes in its design, as people can potentially dig under the wall and travel by boat to get into the United States. Thus, the wall will not stop illegal immigrants from coming into America. There have also been coyotes, or human smugglers, who charge astronomical fees to smuggle people into the United States. Freshman Nyah Torres stated, “The wall will not stop people from getting in. If people have family in America, then they are more determined to get in.” Logically, the wall will only restrict some people from coming into the country, but it will not restrict everyone.

Environmentalists have also opposed the construction of the wall. Their main concern is that the wall will pose as a physical barrier that will affect migrating wildlife. They have also been angered that the Department of Homeland Security is disregarding dozens of environmental and land-management laws to build the wall. Farmers have also feared that the wall will take away their land.

President Trump has not properly considered the construction of the wall. The wall will have more negative implications, especially since the shutdown has affected many federal workers around the country. There are far more important matters Trump should be focused on rather than the construction of the wall.