Unconventional Fashion Trends of 2018

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As 2018 nears its  end, it is interesting to look back at some of the trends of the year. Some popular fashions surprised many people.

Fanny Packs:

A few years ago, wearing a fanny pack would solicit quite a few looks and some people questioning one’s fashion choices. Within the past year, fanny packs, now renamed belt bags, made a huge comeback. They are now considered fashion statements and trendy accessories. Countless brands hopped onto the bandwagon, creating their own belt bags. The rise of the fanny pack can be blamed on the relatively new way of wearing it. People now have the option to wear it across their body, almost like a messenger bag, but with the bag on their torsos. Some notable brands that have recently designed belt bags are Champion, Adidas, Supreme, and a handful of high-end brands like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. There are many variations of the belt bag, some with multiple straps or uniquely shaped. Many celebrities and public figures rocked this trend this year. The rebirth of the fanny pack shocked many and even made its way into the high fashion industry, and by the look of it, it seems as if this trend is here to stay!

Long Shorts vs. Biker Shorts:

A notable part of the summer is being able to whip out a favorite pair of shorts. They’re comfy, match all your outfits, and are very versatile. When the sun is out, they keep you nice and cool. But most people stick to the basic denim, mid-thigh shorts. This year, an increasingly popular shorts style is the long shorts. They end just above your knee and come in varying styles. A common style of this is the bike shorts, which are made from a tight material. Basically, matching with everything, like hoodies, t-shirts and tanks. If you want to switch up your summer style, opting for a longer pair of shorts may be the move.

Untraditionally Shaped Bags

This year, many people decided to ditch the conventional rectangular purse or tote bag and instead rock an untraditional shaped bag. This can be seen in new designs of many popular bag brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and countless others. The bucket bag is a well-liked form of this trend, gaining popularity due to its versatility and functionality. Another popular form is the cylinder and round shaped bag. The uniqueness of the accessory makes an outfit stand out. An untraditional purse or bag is a trendy swap for the typical shape.

Sophomore Faith Koobial weighed in on her favorite trend, sharing, “My favorite trend that you have mentioned is definitely the untraditional shaped bag. I noticed it a lot this year also and in many stores. I even bought myself a cylinder-shaped purse.”

Wrap Up:

2018 was filled with surprises for everyone, especially in the fashion and clothing industry. As 2019 passes, we can begin to see which of these trends are here to stay.

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