One Last Game for David Wright

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As David Wright stepped onto the field for the final time, Mets fans cheered him on like never before. Wright has been the heart and soul of the New York Mets organization since 2004, and, after pinch hitting the night before, on September 29 he would play one more game against the division rival Miami Marlins.

The previous night, Wright stepped into the box for the first time as a Met in over a year. He went 0-1, and the team lost 8-1. However, the next night Wright would play his position, third base, and bat third in the lineup. When he first stepped up to the plate, there was thunderous applause for the seven-time all-star. He would walk on the sixth pitch of the at bat, and later would get called out on a fielder’s choice.

The top of the second rolled around and Wright was playing third base with two outs already in the inning. At this point, Wright would get his only ball of the game. Bryan Holiday hit a weak ground ball to Wright at third. He would throw out the runner to end the top half of the inning.

Later, in the bottom of the fourth, Wright would step up to the plate for the final time. Unfortunately, he popped out to Marlins first basemen Peter O’Brien, on a 1-0 count. O’Brien would be thunderously booed by Mets fans for the rest of the series. After the inning, manager Mickey Callaway decided to take Wright out of the game for Amed Rosario. Wright walked off the field to the great applause from Mets fans.

After the 13-inning 1-0 win over the Marlins, Wright was handed the microphone to say a few words. He thanked New York for welcoming him and having his back:

“Thank you for allowing me to live out my dream in front of you guys each and every single night.”

The game was a triumph for Wright, who had spent almost two years healing from injuries and spinal stenosis. He was not expected to suit up ever again for the team, but after spending some time in the minors, he was ready to play one more time.

The reaction to the game was fantastic. Fans all over the country were happy to see a great player go out the way he wanted. Yankees fans, Mets fans, and MLB fans as a whole were able to come together to root for a great baseball player.

Junior Brett Zornberg commented on Wright’s career, “David Wright has helped lead [the Mets] and elevated all the players, even when he wasn’t on the field.” Junior Willie Donovan added, “David Wright has been a great Mets player his whole career.”

David Wright’s historic career was cut short due to injury, but his legacy will live on. He was the emotional leader of his team for over a decade. Mets fans are sad to see his career end, but it was a worthy ending for the team’s captain and leader.

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