First Farewells


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As the first quarter of the school year came to a close, seniors began realizing they were doing certain things for the very last time. Students experienced their first goodbyes as the volleyball, swimming, and football seasons ended. Many heartfelt goodbyes were also witnessed at the end of the school musical, a performance of Fiddler on the Roof. Experiencing these things for the last time left seniors sentimental, and, oftentimes, teary-eyed.

For many students, senior year is seen as an opportunity to make the most out of everything and to truly appreciate the last moments they will spend with their teachers, peers, and friends in the grades below. Oftentimes, this allows them to see things in a new light, experiencing clubs and sports differently than they have in prior three years. Senior Lauren Hernandez agrees, sharing her experience of performing in the school musical for the last time.

Hernandez stated, “I experienced the musical differently this year in knowing it would be my last. I made the most out of every single rehearsal by making new friends and bonding with the old.” She tearfully continued, “I learned how much of a family the musical community really is and how much we support one another, and, for that, I will be forever grateful.” Senior Stephanie Syrota, who was a part of the stage crew for the musical, was equally sentimental. Syrota shared, “It was really bittersweet because I realize I’ll never experience something like the musical again, even if I do pursue theater in college. I’m going to miss all of our traditions and the relationships that I formed.”

Seniors felt the same way in regard to their sports teams. Grace O’Dwyer, co-captain of the volleyball team, shared, “The experience of being on varsity volleyball was definitely different during senior year. I knew that this year was going to be my last, so I wanted to give it everything I had.” When asked how she felt this season was different, she expressed, “This year, I was more focused on the team and what precedent I was leaving behind for the following year. I put my heart and soul into Lynbrook volleyball, and I was super sad when it ended.” Aside from sports and the musical, there were various other groups that bid farewell to their seniors, including the school marching band. Walter Paskoff, who played percussion, had one word to express how he felt leaving behind the band: “Old.” He then elaborated: “Every year, I saw the seniors pass the torch onto the juniors, and it’s so different when you’re doing it. It means so much more.” One word that encapsulates the entire senior year experience would be “bittersweet.”

Seniors give their absolute best to the clubs, sports, and other extracurriculars they have been a part of throughout high school. It is hard to say goodbye to something one has put so much time and energy into, but that is simply one of the hardships faced by all seniors. They will continue to make their last year incredible, leaving behind memories and friends yet excitedly looking towards the future.