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Out of Time! Last-minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Maha Ajmal
Here’s a guide to last-minute gifts.

Gift giving is an essential part of the holiday season, being simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. Who to give a gift to? What to give? When and where to give the gift? These questions arise as early as November and continue to linger until Christmas Day. If it is crunch time, this gift guide will save the day:


Money/Gift Cards

The ultimate last-minute save. The two main reasons money is the perfect Christmas gift is #1– money is non-gender specific and #2– everyone needs or wants money. When in doubt about what material item to get a person, giving cash is the most efficient and stress-free solution. 

Although giving money is not necessarily an “empty” or “unthoughtful” gift, there are ways to make it personal. If somebody loves eating at Chipotle, buy him or her a Chipotle gift card. If he or she plays lots of phone games, gift a Google Play or Apple gift card. It is considerate to give a person $20 in cash, but when that money is gifted through a particular gift card for something personal, it comes from a place of more meaning. 

Whether it be given in the form of cash or a credit card, money is a gift surely to be put to good use. “On my Christmas list, I just asked for money or a gift card so that over the course of the months, I can figure out what essentials I need, instead of expecting someone to know what to get me,” explained junior Madison Watson. Senior Ashley Olalde added that she is giving everyone dear to her a gift card. “Specifically Amazon or a VISA [card]. Can’t go wrong with a gift card,” she said.


DIY Gifts

 When time is running out, gifters must get creative. Even when made last minute, a do-it-yourself project makes someone feel special: it suggests that a lot of effort was put into the gift. DIY gifts can be made from standard household items lying around. Happen to have a new mug, hot cocoa mix, and marshmallows lying around after binging Christmas movies? Throw that together and ta-da: a hot cocoa kit. Make a homemade Christmas card with crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Level up and grab a pair of scissors to make a cut-out card; trim a tree or attempt a snowman. There are endless ideas that can be thought of in the spur of the moment or found on the internet.



One can never have too much clothing. Buying someone clothes is especially thoughtful if it is done right, and it is flattering when the gifter knows his or her taste. The major point: when done right. It is risky business to gift clothes, and even if a person is a superb gift-giver, one truly never knows if the person on the receiving end truly likes the clothing. Sophomore Madison Benedict explained that when it comes to clothes, “It depends on the individual’s personality to know what to get them. For example, if someone is very into fashion trends they might get a girl Lululemon clothes and a boy a Nike Tech.” During the holidays, there are also many savings and deals for top clothing brands, so it is not necessary to break the bank buying overpriced items.


Electronics & Accessories

There is an extensive variety of tech gadgets, accessories, and devices out there to choose from in this digital age. The term “electronic” does not refer strictly to phones or tablets, but also extends to household and kitchen appliances: heaters, robot vacuums, air fryers, microwaves, blenders, and more. Although a teenager would not make much use of an air fryer for an electronic-related gift, a parent who runs the kitchen would be ecstatic. On the other hand, teens would make the most use of new chargers, tablet styluses, headphones, and other electronic accessories for a Christmas gift. “[On my wishlist is] probably an iPad because they’re really good for studying and taking notes,” Olalde explained. These gift ideas can also apply to everyday life. “Many people enjoy [playing] video games. So maybe the newest XBOX or PlayStation would be a good gift,” Benedict noted. Many are fond of the newest and trendiest tech out there, so gifting something in that category would not disappoint.


Skincare & Makeup

Especially for the girls, nothing is more talked about than the latest skincare and makeup trends. New product reviews are constantly disseminated throughout social media, ergo how products and beauty hacks go viral. For many, the best way to ring in the New Year is with a new eyeshadow palette or facial moisturizer. Retailer chains such as Sephora and Ulta Beauty carry a wide range of the trendiest cosmetic and celebrity brands, including Rare Beauty, Fenty Skin/Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Tower 28 Beauty, and more. These stores carry great deals during the holidays, making it the best time to stock up on items and purchase some for friends and family. 

Gifts are such an instrumental part of the holidays. As hectic as planning and preparation can be, the feeling of giving and receiving is worthwhile. “I like that [the holidays are] a time where you can give people things to show you appreciate them,” Watson said. In relation, Benedict added, “I love receiving gifts because it lets me know that the person who gave it to me was thinking about me.” In essence, these gift ideas will not fail to brighten someone’s holiday. Happy holidays to all!

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