Remember your purpose in life, 

the reason you are a sentient being,

that your own mind, heart, and soul belong to you,

and not to anyone else.

Remember that you did not choose your skin color,

your appearance,

your race,

or your ethnicity.

Remember that no one else chose those entities for themselves, either.

Remember that human nature is inextricably linked to nature of flora and fauna,

that you are connected to this world,

that you belong to this world.

Remember that everyone has mental scars,

some of which you cannot fathom.

Remember your individuality,

for no one can take it away from you.

Remember the universal truths we share,

that we have the same tendencies,

the same desires,

the same flaws,

and that we are the human race.

*Inspired by Joy Harjo’s poem “Remember”