Are Parents Really the Best Teachers?

Parents nurture and care for their children from the time they are developing in their mother’s womb to the time they have become full grown adults; even after they have matured, parents are still there for their young. The ethics and morals of parents translate to their kids, which causes them to become who they are. Kids are influenced daily by the actions and thoughts of the adult figures in their lives. But which of these adult figures are the best teachers for children?

Parents give their children constructive criticism when needed and teach them basic life skills and morals and ethics. Sometimes, parents can be too emotionally attached to their kids, only seeing their kids as fragile objects that need to be protected, which can end up limiting their freedom in fear of their safety being put at risk. Teachers care for the children they teach, but they are not attached like parents. Teachers can give children the experience of going to new places, such as cities, for field trips, and new learning experiences, while a parent may not allow these things for fear of their child’s safety being compromised.

What if a child loves art, but his/her parents want their child to pursue the career of a lawyer for the economic benefits? Parents may expect their kids to have the same interests as them, making some parents inclined to pressure their children into going into the same field as them. Teachers are more inclined to find a child’s gifts and talents and encourage them to pursue their passions, giving the child a goal and hope for the future.

When kids are young, they are in a mindset where they believe their parents and adult figures in their lives are always right, but as kids get older, they realize there are other possible views and values than those of their parents. Some parents, especially the older generation, are not usually able to keep up with the changing younger generations and their technology. Some kids may have friends from all different ethnicities and may find that their parents do not accept their friends as a result of them being unable to accept change and having different opinions.

There are many different types of parents. Some are protective and support and care for their children, while others let their children roam around, not caring about what they do. The type of parent one has can have an effect on how successful in life he/she ends up being. Parents are important teachers when it comes to life lessons, ethics, morals, socializing, and communication, while teachers are better at teaching school related skills such as math, social studies, and English.

Teachers may also be better influences when kids are deciding their careers. They know what children are good at and what they are not the best at. They can give advice on what career/field to go into and what jobs can get kids the most money without having any personal bias. Guidance counselors can also help when deciding the field one wants to pursue. Parents are best at teaching their children how to act and how the real world is, while teachers are best at giving children skills they can apply in their jobs and lives. The most important thing is that everyone has teachers in their lives, and they have different ways of influencing everyone.