“Mr. Fine Tune”

 Mr. Fine Tune, 

The piano is playing in the background,

With the lead trumpet solo sounding a melody.

The record’s sweet music,

Matches the calming tone in your voice. 

Even the timely drumbeat,

Creates the rhythmic sync of the heart.

Never negative times of new ages.

Only old-fashioned ideals that create a smile.

Thunders of guile can’t comprehend.

Just prosperous eccentric wonders. 

The acoustics of the wind,

The tone of busy life.

Both share the climatic patterns of instruments.

Stress builds in youth, 

Yet the perceptions of classics never falter. 

The saxophone may represent jazz,

But the streetlamp signifies the moon’s serenade.

Lonely hearts disappear.

Along with the light dominion in the sky.

Blinding lights shed their happy tears.

Guiding people to the movies that swell up with symphonies. 

Hold on to that timeless piece of song. 

It is guaranteed to end as a masterpiece.